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A model replacer for Glenroy's Akaviri Katana, a unique weapon from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

Permissions and credits
Credits and thanks to Yurica for the beautiful Hanakotoba Katana Sets by Yurica assets and to the Beyond Skyrim - Bruma team for their amazing content and questline involving this weapon.


This mod replaces Glenroy's Akaviri Katana weapon model (both the normal and empowered version), a unique weapon from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. The model is a partially retextured and edited model of Yurica's Hanakotoba Katana Sets combined with a modified part from the Ebony Blade.


You won't need the original Hanakotoba mod for this to work as the assets it need are already included, though it
would be great if you download it as well and endorse Yurica's mod if
you liked it.

This mod won't change the textures of Ebony blade, and it is not dependent in your installed Ebony blade textures.

This will only require you to have Beyond Skyrim - Bruma in your load order as the esp is dependent in the said mod.

You may or may not notice the black line at the blunt edge of the blade
especially when you're in first person view. Sadly, I can't do anything
to correct the problem.

Porting this to SSE is sadly a DIY method for the foreseeable future until someone offers
their help. I would really appreciate it if you send a PM or post a
comment if you're interested in helping in this matter.

This is the link to the original mod page