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Adds more critters to the cities, villages & some interiors.

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"More Critters SE" is a gameplay immersion mod that adds more critter spawns in Skyrim.
Ported over and updated from my Oldrim mod: "More Critters"

-800+ new land markers added
-17 new spawners created
-159 new places to spawn
-Places spawns in all the cities and villages that aren't covered in snow
-Some spawn inside tavern or temple interiors during the day
-They have a 100% chance to spawn and hardly affects the performance at all.
-Butterflies and the odd moth will come out in the day time. Torchbugs and Moths at night.
-Dragonflies are near any water source in the cities/villages and disappear at night.
-Pond Fish and Salmon are really active when it's early morning or raining, and calm down during the day.
-Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies do not spawn in rain.
-Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies usually fly away if you get too close to them.
-They spawn in various different sizes

Critters are the following:
Pond Fish

If you have a mod that redesigns the cities/villages layout the land markers may be off.

Recommended mods:
More Colorful Critters SE

Known Issues:
Loading for the first time mid play through may CTD. Reload again, if persisting look for conflicts in SSEEdit or leave a comment
When a critter "flees" from the player there's a cool down time 3-5 sec so don't be chasing the same butterfly!
Sometimes the flee function doesn't always trigger
Sometimes the Butterflies can land on top of each other
Critters will despawn if the player is far away enough from them. In big cities. i.e Solitude or Whiterun.
Critters in interiors fly through the walls (trying to fix)

I hope you enjoy this mod!