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The Dark Brotherhood is supposed to be a secret and evil organization but the vanilla sanctuary's and their locations lacked any kid of secrecy so this mod aims to fix that.Now it will be a real challenge to find the Black Doors and the location s and modifications are 100 % lore friendly

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This mod is a overhaul of the location's and interaction s you have with the Black Doors from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuarys.


This faction was supposed to be a secret group of assassins that worship a primordial being aka Sithis.So why are their ,,top secret sanctuary's '' a stone throw away from the main road in Falkreath and the port of Dawnstar ? 
Well no more this mod will fix this issue in a immersive and lore friendly way.


This mod makes both the Black Doors from the DB much more hidden and only a master thief or a member can find his way and discover them.
The actual location of the Sanctuary's remains the same(for the reason of quest line progression) however the way to access the Black Doors has been drastically overhauled.
The mod consists of 2 new interior cell's (two new spaces to explore) and also some bit's and pieces of lore so you can get a clear picture of how the Dark Brotherhood operates.

Additional Information

If you want to use this mod in any way shape or form then go for it.You dont need to ask me for permission or wait for a response.Just mention me in the notes and i m mighty fine and thankful.

IMPORTANT: This mod is still a work in progress ( WIP) a BETA if you will.So there might be some issues with it.
Please back up your saves before installation


This mod should be compatible with EVERYTHING EXCEPT mods that modify the EXTERIOR area of the Sanctuarys.
Yes that means mods that modify the Interior of the Sanctuarys are good to go.I personally use ''Save the DB'' and ''Dark Brotherhood Reborn"

Mod Recommendations:

!! Non of this mods are necessary i just recommend them for immersion and gameplay enhancement.

1.Save the Dark Brotherhood

2.Dark Brotherhood Reborn
This mod overhauls the interior of the Dawnstar Sanctuary to be more fitting of the HUGE AMOUNT OF SEPTIMS you spend for it.