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Compatibility patches for JK's Skyrim and Expanded Towns and Cities (ETaC). Includes a replacer .esp for JK's Skyrim removing conflicting villages of Dawnstar, Riverwood and Rorikstead. Patches have been created to work with this specific mod combination.

Permissions and credits

JK's Skyrim
Whiterun . Windhelm . Solitude . Riften . Markarth
Dragon's Bridge . Falkreath . Ivarstead . Morthal . Winterhold
Skaal Village . Skyhaven Forge

Expanded Towns and Cities
Darkwater Crossing . Dawnstar . Rorikstead . Riverwood

I've always been a fan of ETaC even though I have helped Javier with JK's Skyrim for more than 4 years now. I like the approach Jenna takes to her towns and the mini quests and voiced NPCs that she includes. It would have been straightforward to patch the two mods but I didn't want to break the ambience and peaceful quality that her overhauls give to the villages. This mod is the alternative approach, removing the conflicting towns from JK's Skyrim to create space for the ETaC villages so the two mods can co-exist in harmony.

To support this mod I've created patches to work with this specific mod combination. These patches combine patched elements of both overhauls into a single unified patch. You only need one patch so remember to disable / remove any redundant patches that have been replaced.

  1. Install JK's Skyrim and ETaC Complete from their respective mod pages.
  2. Download and install the JK's Skyrim replacer .esp from this mod page.
  3. Install the compatibility patches you need from this mod page.
  4. Be sure to disable any redundant compatibility patches you no longer require (refer notes below).

  • The following patches have been made specifically to work with this mod combination.
  • When using these patches you do not need the individual patches from the JK's Skyrim or ETaC mod pages.
  • You only need one patch so be sure to disable any patches that you have already downloaded from JK's Skyrim or ETaC.
  • All patches are .esp / ESL flagged files and won't take up a spot in your load order.

  • Additional patches are also available for the JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim and now ETaC mod combination. Specific Blowing in the Wind and Holidays patches have been created for the trio of mods working together.

Load Order
  • Patches come after the mods they patch. If in doubt just use LOOT.
  • If you are using MO2 make sure the JK's Skyrim replacer file is below the JK's Skyrim mod in the left pane.

This patch has been made with the permission of these fantastic mod authors

Jkrojmal for JK's Skyrim
MissJennaBee for Expanded Towns and Cities