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Adds radiant mercenaries that specialize in all sorts of weaponry, both ranged and melee, as well as various spells. They can be found all across Skyrim and their starting gear, spells and stats are all based on the player's current level when they find them.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds various NPCs called mercenaries throughout Skyrim that you can hire with gold to serve you. What makes this mod different from any other companion/follower mod is that the gear, stats, combat AI as well as possible spells are randomized depending on the your current level when you find them. This allows for a variety of different follower combinations that aren't available in vanilla Skyrim. Such as a battleaxe-wielding, heavy armored mage that summons dremora in combat.  

- Mercenaries of a variety of races
- Various potentially enchanted equipment and spell spawn loadouts for said mercenaries
*Includes specialization with 1-handed weapons
*Includes specialization with 2-handed weapons
*Includes specialization in dual-wielding combat
*Includes specialization in ranged combat (both crossbow and bow)
*Includes specialization in staff combat
*Includes specialization in magic (spells) combat
        *Includes specialization in heavy armor
*Includes specialization in light armor
*Includes specialization with shields
*Specializations can stack meaning that you might get a mercenary who's good at dual-wielding plus destruction magic.
*Starting equipment for mercenaries typically reflect their specialties  

Check the Inns of settlements (both minor and major) as some mercenaries commonly appear in places like these.

1. Put the contents in the \Data folder included in this zip file into the Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder

1. Delete Mercenaries of Skyrim.SEQ from the  Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SEQ folder
2. Delete Mercenaries of Mercenaries of Skyrim.esp

*Mercenaries that travel between settlements
*Mercenaries of the other races (not include in the mod so far)
*Dynamic recruiting cost (based on gear and level)
*Add randomized unique names, instead of the generic one 

Most custom mercenary lines don't have any voice-acting as of yet. If interested please contact me.

If using Awazing Follower Tweaks make sure that this mod is loaded after AFT, otherwise your game will crash.

Mercenaries should have a chance to spawn with armor/weaponry from other mods.

I encourage feedback or criticism in any way, shape or form as well as greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to download and use my mod!