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Replaces the main title theme with Scott Buckley's video asking for Patreon Support, because he even released that under a Creative Commons license.

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For those of you who don't know, Scott Buckley is an Australian Composer who releases all the music he produces under a Creative Commons license, which allows for unlimited re-use by anyone. 

In fact, even a video he released asking for Patreon Support had a Creative Commons license on it. Because of his sheer generosity, I'm allowed to make and re-distribute a mod that replaces the Skyrim main title theme with the audio from that video. (Here's his Patreon by the way)

I think I've hit rock bottom when it comes to absurd mods that no one will download. Feels good.

Q: Why?
A: Why not?

Q: This is your first mod since July 5th, 2018. Eight months ago. Is this really how you want to come back?
A: What did you expect me to do, release a sequel to Valley of Updates?

Q: Speaking of updates, that mod is still an absolute mess of hastily strung together plots and characters. When are you going to fix it?
A: I'm putting bug fixes in the sequel.

Q: ...which you're never gonna release.
A: This is why I stopped releasing content for eight months.

Q: Really though, how is the sequel coming along?
A: Pretty much everything except about half the voice-overs and playtesting is done. Right now, I'm just making some of the dungeons in it a little bit bigger because I thought they were too small. After that, I'm probably gonna move forward with pre-production for Part III while I wait for all the voice actors to send in their lines. Here's hoping no one disappears.

Q: Are you gonna release a horribly-made trailer for it like you did last year?
A: Probably not. I'll try to find someone who's good at editing videos to make it for me (with some of Scott Buckley's outstanding music!) Or just not make a trailer at all.

Q: Now I know why you made this mod. You needed an outlet to promote Jerall Mountains Citadel 2.
A: I will answer with prequel memes.

Q: Really? How did you discover Scott Buckley's Patreon video in the first place if you were just making some elephant-shit mod for attention?
A: I wanted to have a unique soundtrack in Part II, III, and IV, so I downloaded an assload of music from this website, which contains his music. So yeah, a lot of my quest mod series will be composed by Scott Buckley. Thanks, Scott.

Q: Of course it just goes right back to Jerall Mountains Citadel.
A: I started making Part I in August 2017, and started Part II in June 2018. I've been working on this thing for 19 months now, okay? I've spent more hours in CK than I have in Skyrim now. There were people who never thought they would have children when I first started making the Jerall Mountains Worldspace who are now the parent of a 10-month old. They've had that kid for ten months now!
Q: What in the name of pre-Fallout 76 Bethesda Game Studios did I just read?
A: Everyone say, "Thank you, Mr. Buckley!"