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A mod for lone wolf assassins.
Start and complete the 'Mourning Never Comes' quest without joining the Dark Brotherhood.
The alternative quest starts only if you have 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood' active or completed in your journal.

Permissions and credits
If the 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood' quest has been started or completed, some of the innkeepers report a rumor about a girl in Markarth looking for a Brotherhood assassin.
Go talk to her, let her believe that you're with the Brotherhood, kill, get your reward.
She'll still be marriageable if you don't kill Nilsine, but only if your speechcraft is high enough (50) to justify yourself, or if you kill Alain before getting the quest (nothing to justify in that case).

If you don't start 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood', the Brotherhood questline will proceed normally.

NOTE: the innkeepers' dialogues are not voiced (they're just a few words anyway), so I suggest using Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice if you're not able to read the text.