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A riverside home that you may share with Tubbs

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When I play Skyrim I like to do 2 things, craft and collect followers.
In many, many playthroughs of this game I've yet to find a single vanilla player home,
or modded player home that felt right to me. So I decided to make one.

Crafting: Every form of crafting is available in this house, smelter, workbench, tanning rack, alchemy, enchanting, etc.
Storage: Containers for nearly every kind of item.
Idle Markers: Have a lively player home. This home is covered in markers for your followers to interact with.
Adorable New Friend: This home belongs to the cat Tubbs, see below.


Meet your new friend Tubbs. He may, or may not, be the most powerful being in existence.
The myth goes as thus. In the beginning there was nothing. Then there was Tubbs.
He was a lazy kitty but he got bored of the unending blackness that lay before him.
He then created alcohol and fish. And he saw that they were delicious.
He then created the world of Nirn and all it's peoples, animals, plants and spirits
So that they could share in the alcohol and fish with him.
He followed many great warriors and heroes throughout history.
But after Jagar Tharn imprisoned the Emperor he went into hiding in Skyrim.
And there he has stayed, sharing in the alcohol and fish with all those who find him.
Now all of that is probably nonsense but if you want to believe that you can.

Tubbs also should not fight in combat but he can carry your things and be adorable.

NOTE: He is based on the sabrecat skeleton, I won't bore you with how broken
Bethesda's kit is but there is literally no way to completely remove the
Sabrecat sounds from him. If such a method is discovered another
update will be put in to fix this silliness.

The Ruins: Not Compatible
Tubbs the Coolest Cat: Included in this mod
Any mod that edits this area, check for overlapping yourself if unsure

Trees Addon (make the area much prettier)

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Project Modularity
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Note: All my mods are open for you to do whatever you wish with them, but make sure these authors are credited along with me if you do.