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This mod adds 20 new NPCs which are prostitutes in Skyrim world. They are females, males, different races.
It's absolutely lore friendly, immersive, and IT'S NOT A PORN MOD!

Permissions and credits

This version made by MannyGT and Pauderek

This mod adds 20 new NPCs which are prostitutes in Skyrim world. They are females, males, different races.
It's absolutely lore friendly and immersive.

How it works.
Default Version

1. Talk to an NPC and pay her/him. (If the NPC is in exterior, the price is 50 golds. If is in interior, the price is 100 golds)
2. Follow the NPC.
3. When a "secure" location is reached, the NPC will sit somewhere.
4. Game fades to black.
5. Game fades out from black.
6. The NPC salutes you and you'll get:
* if the NPC is in interior, you'll get the "Sexual Satisfaction" power spell.
* if the NPC is in exterior, you'll have a 35% chance to get "Sexual Disease", otherwise you'll get "Sexual Satisfaction".

Here the differences.
Paderek's Version

* The scene won't start if you are not near the prostitute and he/she will keep your money.
* Sexual satisfaction is now similar to Lovers Comfort but less powerful. (All skills improve 8% faster for 8 hours).
* Prostitutes won't offer services if you are under the effects of Sexual satisfaction or Lovers Comfort.
* Prostitutes are no longer essential.
* Prostitutes will unequip their dress before fading to black and reequip it afterwards.

Who and where are the NPC's?

* Female Nord - Hjotra - Rorikstead - Inside the Frost Fruit Inn
* Male Nord - Orgnar - Riften - Near the plaza
* Female Wood Elf - Samiail - Whiterun - Plains district
* Male Wood Elf - Eradrann - Karthwasten
* Female Khajiit - Kiseenaji - Falkreath
* Male Khajiit - S'Baad - Dragonbridge
* Female Redguard - Jalian - Ivarstead - Inside the Vilemyr inn
* Male Redguard - Camas - Markarth - Inside Silver Blood inn
* Female Dark Elf - Llaala Andala - Windhelm
* Male Dark Elf - Vilvan Salvani - Shor's Stone
* Female Orc - Gulfim Gulfish - Kynesgrove
* Male Orc - Nargat Rush - Dawnstar - Inside Wind Peak inn
* Female Argonian - Jeed-Ei - Anga's Mill - West of Windhelm
* Male Argonian - Han-Za - Solitude - Along the road to the Blue Palace
* Female Breton - Sosile Rieluell - Winterhold - Inside The Frozen Hearth inn
* Male Breton - Thetri - Morthal
* Female High Elf - Erissa - Solitude Sawmill
* Male High Elf - Rumarene - Half-Moon Sawmill
* Female Imperial - Cania Leonia - Darkwater Crossing camp
* Male Imperial - Silian Mercius - Stonehills mine - East of Morthal

Vanilla NPC's turned to Prostitutes.

* Silda the Unseen - Windhelm
* Narri - Falkreath
* Hroki - Markarth
* Haelga - Riften
* Lynly Star-Sung - Ivarstead - Inside the Vilemyr inn


Mod Organizer 2 recommended. Requires SKSE64.


* Added some stuff in the interior cells (the inns) and markers in exterior cells where NPC's is in.
* Also added a custom faction on vanilla NPC's.
* For a better compatibilities with loading order use this sequence:

* Prostitutes of Skyrim
* Any other mod that modify the same stuff like my mod (ie: RLO and ELFX)


* Copy/pasted from Oldrim version.

This mod is easily patchable for any your own purposes.
If you make a patch like adding more NPCs or changing outfits, please PM and send me your patch. I'll publish it in optional files with your credits.

* TECHNICAL INFOS (for modders) *
This mod is base on 20 new NPCs and 5 modified vanill NPCs. Every NPC have the faction "manny_POS_Faction".
By adding the faction "manny_POS_Faction" on a NPC, the option dialogues are enabled on that NPC.
If you want to make an NPC a wilderness prostitute, set the LocRefType parameter to "manny_POS_Prostitute_LowPrice"

There are two quests:
1. manny_POS_QuestDialogues
The name says all. This quest is for dialogues options. The dialogues are shown on these conditions:
- getInFaction == manny_POS_Faction
- getInFaction != playerMarriedFaction <- this prevent to show the dialogue on your spouse :)

There are 4 topics subdivided in 2 similar groups: one for low prices and one for high prices.
When you have enough money, the option dialogue script does this:
- Remove the golds from your inventory
- Stops and Starts the quest manny_POS_QuestScene to allow to fill the aliases of that quest
- Starts the scene

2. manny_POS_QuestScene
This quest contains the scene manny_POS_QuestProstituteScene and the aliases.
The aliases are:
- manny_POS_Alias_Actor (the filling method is to closest matching ref faction manny_POS_faction to the player).
- manny_POS_Alias_Hold_Location (the filling method is to LOADED closest matching ref RefType manny_POS_ProstituteHold to the player).
- manny_POS_Alias_Furniture (the filling method is to LOADED closest matching ref RefType manny_POS_ProstituteFurniture to the player).
The scene behavior is:
1. The NPC travel to the manny_POS_Alias_Hold_Location (it's an xmarker with the LocRefType manny_POS_ProstituteHold)
2. Then go to use the furniture manny_POS_Aias_Furniture (it's a furniture marker with the LocRefType manny_POS_ProstituteFurniture)
3. Fade to black and fade back from black
4. scripted phased and talk package ("goodbye")
5. Go back to default package

1. Add to the NPC the faction manny_POS_faction
2. Set the LocRefType to that NPC the value manny_POS_Prostitute_LowPrice or manny_POS_Prostitute_HighPrice
3. Add an xmarker near the NPC and set the LocRefType manny_POS_Hold_Position
4. Add a furniture marker near the above xmarker like a crossed legged marker and set the LocRefType manny_POS_Furniture