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Adds Agent 47 from the Hitman games as a recruitable companion.

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  • German
- Agent 47 can be found at the Solitude Docks, near Katla's Farm and the East Empire Company warehouse. To recruit him, simply ask him to follow you.

- He levels up with the player, starting from level 5 up to level 99.

- He will use any equipment you give him, but will be most efficient when using one-handed weapons, light armor, and bows.

- He starts out with his own sword, bow, and 200 steel arrows. You can take away his weapons to use yourself, or to temper them. if you take his bow away he will revert to using the bow all followers get by default.

- He is a protected companion, meaning he can be killed by you.


This mod makes use of some resources made by other players:

47's gloves are a retexture of the gloves from "Butler Uniform", by Mathanas.
47's sword is a modified version of the Trident Blade from "Useless Resources", by Urwy.

My thanks go to these players for their good work, and for making their assets available to other modders.