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A conversion of imeltfaces' popular dual-wield animation fix. Now you will no longer hold your primary weapon up in the air like a doofus.

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This is a simple mod to allow dual weapon wielders to hold their weapon at their side, rather than holding the primary weapon up in the air.

Converted from imeltfaces' mod for the original Skyrim game with Bethesda's HAVOK 32-bit to 64-bit conversion tool. See the original mod here.

In Oldrim, I long considered this mod essential for any dual wielding character. The default dual wielding poses and moves created by Bethesda seemed jarring and unnatural to me.  When I resumed playing my dual wield character in Skyrim SE,  I was disappointed to not see it on Nexus SSE. So with the original mod author's permission I converted his animation files into a format that the new game could use.