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No heavy breathing sound while sprinting or being out of stamina. Alternate option also removes the breathing sounds associated with zooming while using bows and swimming underwater.

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Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at modding Skyrim, so if that makes you uncomfortable with using my mod I don't blame you. 

Changes made

I was tired of hearing my character breathe heavily when I sprinted or ran out of stamina. So, I edited the EnterSprintBreath and OutOfBreath parameters in the Creation Kit, which removes/mutes the heavy breathing sounds altogether. The alternate file option also changes the EnterBowZoomBreath, ExitBowZoomBreath and LeaveWaterBreath settings in the CK. 


I made no other changes, so it should be compatible with mostly everything unless they alter the same parameters.

Alternate file option NoHeavyBreathingSprint-Swim-Bow: Removes the breathing sounds associated with zooming with bows, underwater swimming along with the original sprint changes. 

Your preferred mod manager or extract it into your SkryimSpecialEdition\Data folder or wherever you store your mods. 

Deactivate or delete the single esp file. 

Main mod benefits
The sweet, breathless silence, as you sprint through the forest murdering everything in your path. ^_^


Inspired by this mod for OldRim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36461 which also credits this mod author http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996031175/myworkshopfiles/?72850