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v0.1.0 - Multiple Followers Framework is isolated and moddable. It can be installed or uninstalled at anytime. You get 128 NPC slots each for follower, animal, and custom follower types. The framework can maintain and protect your save data.

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- Install Multiple Followers Framework, Follower Dialogue, Thrall Spell. Don't use another follower framework. Have fun!

Welcome to the mod page for Multiple Followers Framework!

Looking for a low impact follower mod that doesn't alter original files or break saves? One that increases the follower limit and lets you try stuff out for as long as you want without all the fuss? Maybe, you just want a ridiculous amount of followers to go to war or... something. Well Congratulations, you're here! Download the suite of mods found in the files tab to start building your ultimate follower experience. Now, let me tell you about the mod. Multiple Followers Framework is an isolated system that runs alongside any other framework, including the default follower system!

How does this work?

I copied the follower slots created by Bethesda and made extra copies, wrote a script to manage them, and stored it all in a separate quest. It took me a bit to figure it all out, I rebuilt this mod a bunch of times (and reinstalled everything once) but along the way it became clearer, and now it has become a framework already in use by two of my other mods - Follower Dialogue and Thrall Spell.

Why should you use it?

The framework virtually matches the original follower system in terms of performance. It also offers some protection from further mod development, which means very low risk for permanent alteration of save files. This is done by storing follower data in a master file that represents the framework. This helps data connections persist and allows a reset to occur right from the source. The framework is built using Bethesda's methods and started from their follower scripts, and this is to go even further beyond! I've taken the original follower system and added arrays and while-loops to create 128 manageable "slots" for followers, animals, and custom followers for an altogether total of 384.

Things to consider

Like anything, the framework is not without some caveats. The first being that this is a preview version of the framework and there are only 15 slots for each type (45 total), which allows me to update the framework faster until it's full release. Another thing is that this specific framework makes use of additional mods to extend functionality, which increases your total mod count. Finally, only uninstall the framework after reading the instructions found below.

Installing the framework:

Simply download the framework and enable it. There are no requirements for installation.

Installation requirements of mods for the framework varies, make sure you read what you're downloading.

Uninstall Steps/Framework Update Safe Practices

Use these steps before uninstalling/updating Multiple Followers Framework itself:

1. Cast MFF Reset Scroll
2. Save your game
3. Uninstall and/or update the mod

Warning! - After doing this, you need to acquire each follower again.

Due to the structure of the follower system built into Skyrim, certain tasks must be performed on active followers before uninstalling or updating any follower framework or else you could permanently alter your save data. The way I've designed my framework allows you to do this at anytime.

Follow these instructions to protect your save data!

MFF Reset Scroll

The MFF Reset Scroll was designed as a tool so that the framework has the capability to reset itself before uninstalling or installing updates. Another benefit of the scroll is that it can simply dismiss all followers. The scroll is reusable in the sense that when used, it will add another reset scroll to your inventory. Sometimes these scrolls are added back in multiples. The scrolls are weightless though and the effect will remove copies of them before attempting to add a new one, so you never need to worry about it this.


The framework can be installed and used alongside any follower framework (AFT, EFF, NFF, etc.). This is due to isolating the entire framework and using feature creep to add complexity. After downloading a feature mod for the framework (such as Follower Dialogue), compatibility or even the requirements can change. Some feature mods (such as the Thrall Spell) will change nothing about compatibility.

Another point on compatibility for Multiple Followers Framework is flexibility. For example... you can acquire followers using my Thrall Spell mod and then uninstall the spell, leaving nothing but the framework which will continue to store and manage the followers by itself.

What do mod developers get?

The framework contains a moddable load script with functions that make it easier to sync your own mods with the framework. All followers use a custom follower package that can be modded. There are a lot of properties exposed on the save data script which can be called upon in your own mod. There is an entirely new follower type to further support advanced follower mods. The identifier "MFF" is used for all assets found in the Creation Kit pertaining to the framework. Developer Support - message the developer if you have an issue getting your framework-mod to work, or if you would like to suggest a feature regarding the level of support for mods included within the framework.

Custom Follower Type

There is a new follower type added called the custom follower. Each custom follower has a script attached that can temporarily store pre-follower information. This is useful when an NPC isn't setup for use as a follower, such as an enemy Bandit or Alvor the merchant. See my Thrall Spell for an example of how I used the custom follower type found within Multiple Followers Framework.

The information above covers nearly all usage information regarding Multiple Followers Framework. For further information regarding save data protection and mod development, see the source files within the loose files version of the mod for simple guidelines.

Mods released with the framework

MFF - Follower Dialogue

Redirects all interactions with followers to the framework. Most basic follower mods automatically work as a result. Animal followers created using Darkfox127's Advanced Animal Followers tutorial need a compatibility patch to work, this probably includes a lot of animal follower mods. Fortunately, the Thrall Spell is a catch-all for any followers not yet compatible with Multiple Followers Framework, see below.

NOTE - This framework-based mod is being released in an incomplete state, not all followers in the game are integrated - most are. Any follower I missed should continue using the default system from the game. However, you may run into scenarios where certain follower dialogue on specific followers becomes unresponsive, such as the stray dog world event. If you discover an issue with a specific follower like that, then please report it as a bug so I can fix it sooner than later. In the case of the stray dog which isn't fully integrated, the dog gets added to the default follower system, but the dialogue it's using points to my framework, creating an inconsistency. You can safely disable my Follower Dialogue mod to abolish this inconsistency and temporarily restore vanilla dialogue to the stray dog if needed. This is only a short-term workaround until I'm done integrating all potential followers into this mod. Again, most are already included.

The Follower Dialogue overhaul patch for Multiple Followers Framework is incompatible with all other (or most) follower frameworks due to changes made to DialogueFollower, DialogueFavorGeneric, and other follower interactions.

MFF - Thrall Spell

This is a powerful scripted spell mod that adds two spells to your list of magic abilities under the illusion category. This spell can be used on any NPC in the game, including any NPC added by a mod, and it will attempt to make the target your follower which usually works. If an NPC is using a player dialogue capable race (most non-creature races), they will gain new Thrall dialogue options to: do stuff, trade, and wait or follow.

The Thrall Spell does not change the compatibility requirements and can be used alongside any other follower frameworks, including the default follower system.

Special Mention

Follower Bows and Arrows

Both the Follower Dialogue and the Thrall Spell make use of follower slots that are copies of Bethesda's system. This means they inherit the hidden follower bow and arrows from the default system. For configuration of this feature, I've added a scroll in each mod that lets you toggle the hidden bows on or off for all current and future followers. The scrolls are automatically added to your inventory and will replace themselves when used - toggle as often as you want.

 - - - Thank you for reading!