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Multiple Followers Framework is modifiable. You choose which mods/features to install. 3 arrays have been added for followers, animals, and custom followers and create a total of 384 character slots to use. It can also be uninstalled using the MFF Reset Scroll, by reversing edits to persistent data that is baked into your save file.

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Multiple Followers Framework

Efficient, highly compatible, and modular.
Manages up to 384 active followers.

- Description -

Multiple Followers Framework

The versatile framework for anyone.

You may use the new framework with any of your favorite followers and alongside all other follower frameworks (default follower system included). This is because Multiple Followers Framework adds a new layer for followers exposed only to mod development. For this reason, two mods have released with the framework called: Follower Dialogue, and Thrall Spell. You can choose which ones to install, based on your personal needs.

A new book called Manual of Configuration is added to your inventory, you can use this book to configure parts of the framework.

MFF - Follower Dialogue

Adds a new follower dialogue system for use with the framework. There is also a patch for scripts from the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod. Many basic follower mods will be compatible already as a result. This mod also comes with a separate patch to Serana and the Armored Troll. They now function like Inigo, or similar followers, and use their own separate frameworks. Finally, Follower Dialogue also patches the framework itself. Followers now use a sandbox-capable AI package and have conversations, wander, sleep, and do many other things while waiting.

The Follower Dialogue patch is incompatible with other follower frameworks.

MFF -Thrall Spell

Adds two spells to your character, Dominate Mind and Relinquish, that can make any character/animal from the game or from other mods into your follower using magic! You can have up to 128 custom followers using Dominate Mind and if your Thrall is also capable of speaking, you can tell them to wait/follow, do something, or trade with you as well. Thrall Spell also patches MFF so that Thrall followers will use a sandbox-capable AI package. If possible, they can also have conversations, wander, sleep, and do many other things while waiting.

The Thrall Spell can be used with other follower frameworks, including the default follower system.

 - Installation -

Simply download and install the mod.

There are no install requirements for Multiple Followers Framework.

Mods for the framework can be incompatible with other follower frameworks. Such as Follower Dialogue. Mods that add new features to the game, such as Thrall Spell, remain separate and compatible with all other follower frameworks, including the default follower system for Skyrim.

Multiple Followers Framework provides you with options at the installation level so you can tailor your experience as needed.

 - Updating/Uninstall -

When updating or uninstalling Multiple Followers Framework itself, you must dismiss each active follower before you update/uninstall. Failing to do so will probably corrupt your save file. To do this quickly, cast the MFF Reset Scroll found in your inventory to dismiss all followers.

Once every follower in the framework is dismissed, save your game. If you're uninstalling, you can now uninstall. If you're updating, disable MFF_SaveData.esp in your load order, reload and save your game again without it. You may now update the framework and enable the mod again when you're done.

Unless explicitly stated, a mod built for the framework can be updated or uninstalled at any time.

 - Frequently Asked Questions -

I'm using (AFT, EFF, FLP, NFF, etc.) instead, can I still download this framework and use the Thrall Spell?


Can my Hearthfire DLC child adopt a pet with me if I'm using the Follower Dialogue patch?

Yes! Your first animal follower will be used for this and if you dismiss them, then the next animal follower you hire will be used for this, and so on.

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