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New models and textures for the ruins pots and urns

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CONTENT: Includes 8 models and a static and their corresponding texture maps in 2k. Those would be replacers for the ceramic pots and urns found in the ruins but also placed as decorative items in some interiors.

STYLE: Ancient look, worn and damaged, with some minimal decorations suitable for the relics of a nordic culture

COMPATIBILITY: Overwrite everything, SMIM included, compatible with everything.

PERFORMANCE: 2k textures, low poly meshes (around bethesda x 2 polycount) . No performance hit whatsoever.

All pots and urns models are property of bethesda, except one that was too poorly shaped to work on it. I improved the models and added some details on their shapes. The UV mapping and texturing is original.

All animations work as before.

Does not include any glazed pottery items.

Hope you enjoy.


I like object A but i dont like object B. Can you make a version without object B please?
No. Download, unpack, get what you need, delete the rest.

Would you upload all 1k textures for people with old rigs?
No. Download and the dds extension and scale your textures to whatever resolution you like.

Can you make a version that would match my whatever texture pack?

Oldrim version?

May i offer ideas for improvement?
Yes, it would be very much appreciated