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My edit of the great Obisidan weather mod. I made this primarily for SkyrimVR but of course, works with normal SSE

Permissions and credits

Added in weathers from Aequinoctium(that mod is not needed they are completely incorporated)  and a few more from true storms bringing the total weather type count to just around 100 weathers.
Removed bloom and eye adaption from all image spaces
Added requirement for real rain texture(texture only needed not the ESP)
Added extra rain and snow texture so there would be more variety in them overall
Fixed a few record issues with lightning coloring.
Updated all patches to reflect changes.

True storms main mod is still a requirement and must be placed before Fog of War
I HIGHLY recommend pairing with my recommended mod list below.

I made this for a few reasons.. one was to just do something different. I also like to hide LODs and pop in as much as possible. Water reflections and volumetric lighting don't work properly in VR so having no direct sunlight makes it so you can retain proper coloring of the water.. And lastly in VR aliasing is most noticeable in clear sunny weather so this helps that aspect a lot.

List of changes from original Obsidian

1. All clear sunny weathers removed. The new base weather is an overcast cloudy weather.

2. All foggy weathers tweaked to be closer, changes similar to the volumetric fog mod.  Swampy areas will have fog much more often.

3. All areas modified to have harsher weathers more often. Kept the types of weather mostly close to vanilla, for example, it still doesn't snow in most locations it usually wouldn't in the vanilla game ie Riften and Solitude. But you will have small chance in a few areas like Whiterun.

4. Added small chance to have the blood red eclipse from Dawnguard DLC in various areas

5. Added lot more variety in weathers to numerous areas as of 3.0

Place true storms BEFORE Obsidian in your load order and if using minty's lightning place that AFTER obsidian

Do NOT use the seasons feature when using this version of Obsidian

I highly recommend using the following mods with this. (none are required except Snowflake mod)

Wet and Cold

Snowflake Mod (REQUIRED: but only the texture you can disable and delete the ESP)

Real Rain - (Required) you only want the texture so delete the esp

Morning Fogs

Ethereal Clouds

Ethereal Cosmos (you won't see the Sky that much with this weather setup)


No Snow under roof of course get any patches for various mods you have

Better Dynamic Snow

Better Dynamic Snow Patches

Better Dynamic Ash

Volcanic Mushrooms

Realistic Waters Two with Skyland Watercolor

Smooth Shores

For trees I think this works best with EVT (RC4 Download) the custom large ones. Simply Bigger Trees is good as well

I use The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold so the Tundra weather was setup with that in mind.. Alpine Forest will work as well but neither is required.

Darker Nights for Obsidian Weathers is 100% compatible(but i found isn't really needed)

For a nice horror experience use Rogue-Like Encounters Monster Only Core version

Also this mod is a core to my Dark Skies of Skyrim Guide if curious

Thanks again to the authors of the Great Obsidian Weathers mod and True Storms!