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An incredible player home for master Alteration mages. New spells found on a corpse near Alftand allow you to raise a portion of the dwemer ruins, including one of the ruined towers. This tower can then be moved to any part of Skyrim, if you have the will to move it.

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A genuinely unique player home brought to you through a collaboration between Kiriavark (Modeling and Interior Design), and IronDusk33 (Scripting).

On the edge of the crevice beneath the ruins of Alftand, you can find a frost-bitten corpse buried under some rubble. The former mage is carrying two ancient tomes: Terra Umbra, and Terra Penumbra.

Terra Penumbra is an Expert level Alteration spell, that allows you to lift a the earth beneath your feet into the air, with you on it. Crouch while casting to lower the boulder.

Terra Umbra is a Master level Alteration spell, which allows you to lift an entire tower from the ruins itself. If you manage to hold the spell long enough for the tower and island of earth it rests on to become stable, you will be able to use it as a new home.

If you cast Terra Umbra again while on the island, you will be able to move it in the direction your facing. Casting the spell while on the ground will draw the island to you. Casting while on the ground and crouching will lower the island. Your skill in Alteration will determine how fast you can move the island.

Raising the tower from the ruins of Alftand is incredibly difficult, only masters of Alteration, or mages with abundant magicka potions will have the strength to lift it. However, the prize is worth it, as the interior of the tower contains ample storage space, and all the workstations you will need, all portable to any location in Skyrim.