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esu_riddick and FafnirEtherion

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Fixes, tweaks and add features to the Uchiha Clan

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This mod is an add-on to The Uchiha Clan

Here is what I changed / Added :

Susano'o Stage 2 :
- "Fixed" the textures of every skeleton. It now uses the Susano'o's textures.
- Added horns to Sasuke's Stage 2, just like he has in the manga / Anime.

Susano'o Stage 3 :
- Fixed the horns textures on Sasuke's Susano'o. Changed the "sword" mesh.
- Changed Madara's Susano'o Helmet. Overhauled its 1H katana to ressemble their anime counterpart more.
- Changed the meshes and renamed ( in the CK or with " visible equipements names "-type mod ) the Sword of Totsuka and the Mirror of Yata on Itachi's Susano'o.
- Stage 3 has a little higher health cost : 35% without the Eternal Eye and 25% with it. According to ol' Sasuke, every single cell of your body feels like it's on fire while using it. Also, balance.
- "Fixed" the Susano'o textures. It previously has holes and transparent parts that were distracting when using the Susano'o.

Susano'o Stage 1 & 3 :
- Swaped resistance property with Stage 1. The logic behind it being : Stage 1 is easier to maintain hence it cost less magicka when the player is hit while Stage 3 is harder to maintain so it costs more magicka when the player is hit. Stage 4 is unchanged. The massive health malus is already what balances the power.

Perfect Susano'o :
- Changed the Perfect Susano'o meshes completelly. The Actual Susano'o looks more like its' manga counterpart. The 1H katana are now as long as the Nodachi.
- Changed the range of the Nodachi and the dual katana to be longer. Both are also slower to swing.
- The Perfect Susano'o is now much less transparent ( still a little bit ! ) and much blue-er too !
- Because the Perfect Susano'o is basically a instant win button, it now costs 50% of your remaining health. oof indeed, but it's to prevent users from abusing it senselessly. I'm doing you a favor you know !

Armors :
- Added a Madara War Armor, based on what he wore during the " Warring states " period. Craftable.
- Added a Red Madara War Armor. An hybrid between the regular Madara armor and the war armor.
- Added a Ten Tails Robe, based on what Madara wore when he became the Ten Tails host. Craftable.
- The Senju armor now has a unique mesh to make it look like Hashirama's armor a lot more.
- Darkened the plates on Madara's armor.

Spells and powers :
- Added a throwable Chakra blade spell to each of the Rinnegan paths.
- The Kamui Dimension has received a facelift. Everything is now spaced-out and requires the player to  teleport to floating platforms to access the dimensions fourniture.
- Removed the "Hostile" and "Detrimental" flags on the Kamui - Target spell, so that the player can "store" a follower or a friendly NPC in the dimension to facilitate transportation ( using Kamui or fast travel ). Great for escort missions !
- Demonic Illusion: Mirage Raven now cause damage to nearby ennemies and spawn black feathers.
- Added passive boosts to the Sharingan ( when Quick Reflex is chosen only ). To encourage the use of the regular Sharingan more often, when it is activated, the player will receive a damage boost with all kind of weapons ( the Sharingan allows the user to better time and aim the user's attacks ), a magnitude boost to destruction and illusion magic ( the Sharingan greatly increases the power of Illusions and destructive jutsu ), a greatly reduced cost to illusion magic and a boost in sneak and speech so that mages, warriors and thieves alike will find the Sharingan useful to their build.
- Magicka doesn't regenerate anymore when using the Rinnegan with Madara's Path, in order to block players from abusing it.
- Members of the Uchiha race will have a 25% boost to their fire magic.
- The Rinnegan's glow is now much more purple-er. It was a little too blue for my taste.
- Kamui : Teleport to target ( actor ) has reduced cooldown before and after the teleportation. Previously, you couldn't move for around 1 second before and after teleporting so the spell wasn't that useful in combat situations outside of sneak attacks. Now, you'll have a shorter cooldown before teleporting and almost NO cooldown after the teleportation, so you'll be able to dodge and strike from behind an opponent in actual combat if you time your attacks right.

-The "Unknown Uchiha" now has Long, black hair that goes with his amor. He also wears a blindfold to cover his Sharingan.
-The "Unknown Senju" has also received a haircut. He also wears a Konoha / Hidden Leaf Village headband.

Misc :
-It now rains (heavily) in the Valley Of The End and some Uchiha banners has been added to the Naka Shrine. Both locations also received a little bonus. (Copyright so no music. Sorry. )
-The Sharingan item ( the one you can buy in the Jutsu Master Hideout or the other one you take from the Unknown Uchiha ) is now a pair of properly sized eyes floating inside a jar. 

F.A.Q :

Will you add XXXX ?
Probably not. Blender no longer works on my computer so that means no more modelling or remodeling. There’s a possibility. Ask away, you never know !

The Perfect Susanoo looks weird.
Check the requirement tab. You need normal maps from another mod. I would've added them to the archive but since this mod can't be redistributed without permission and the author isn't available right now to respond to my messages ( something I understand, by the way ), I did the same thing the original perfect Susanoo mod did and added what I used to model it as a soft requirement. 

How do I access the mod's content ?
The new armors can be crafted at any forge. The new spell will be added and removed to your list when you activate / disactivate the Rinnegan.

Backport to SLE ?

Why did you make that mod ?
Too much free time, a deep love for esu_riddick's original mod, Naruto and the Skyrim community.

What are your plans ?
There's a TINY, MINUSCULE chance I'll add Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo if I can figure out how to properly implement it ( Read : Lean how to properly script ). Maybe I'll also implement Sasuke's Rinnegan balance mechanic to Madara's path ( Implemented from V2 onward ). I would also like to add the Mysterious Masked Person as a homage of some sorts to Omega, who closed her/his Nexus account some time ago, but helped significantly to the mod's original development. Again, if I manage to script that properly, that mysterious masked figure would appear here and there and when you'll approach and activate them, they'll just disappear without saying a word. How cool would that be ? Another thing I would've loved to implement is Gedo Mazo summon for Tobi and 9 Tails summon for Madara, but since I have no way of modelling them properly and no way of scripting cool abilities for them, I'll probably never do it unfortunately. (Gedo Mazo statue is currently in the very early stage of development ) 
I'll also try to re-implement my Kamui dimension facelift I had on my personal SLE version. We'll see ( Re-implemented from V2 onward ).

I currently have no plan for Shisui's Path, Nagato Path and Non-Uchiha Paths.

Can I XXXX ?
As long as you don't redistribute it, you probably can. If you want to release it, ask esu-riddick and me first.

XXX is broken / buggy !
I don't doubt your goodwill but I played The Uchiha Clan for nearly 5 years now. This add-on was made 1 or 2 years ago. It was ported to SSE and tested extensively since last october. If something doesn't work, I can assure you that this mod is not guilty and neither is The Uchiha Clan. You can still ask me for help though. 

esu_riddick and Omega for the Naruto Ultimate Overhaul and The Uchiha Clan mods, you guys are awesome !
keungkeung for Particle Field