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Instead of dying, take over the body of one of 120 newly-added NPCs. Turn Skyrim into a Rogue-like!

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You are the Last Dragonborn, endowed with the powers of a dragon by Akatosh himself; destined to face Alduin in a contest for the continued existence of the world.  Would the God of Time really let his champion fall to a lowly troll?  With this mod, your soul is stuffed into another body when you die - there can be no rest until your task is done!

This mod adds 120 NPCs to Skyrim and Solstheim, who are all unremarkable.  While they make Skyrim's towns a bit more lively, their real purpose is to serve as potential vessels for the Dragonborn's reincarnation.  Note that due to scripting limitations, you can only reincarnate as a person of the same sex - no gender bending!

Reincarnation is accessed as an OnBlackOut or OnDeath event in Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life.  You may have to use Manual Registration [REGISTER QUESTS NOW] for it to appear as an option.  When you would normally die in vanilla Skyrim, Death Alternative sends you into a bleedout state where enemies will have to finish you off.  If they do, it will try to send you to a blackout event selected by the weights in its MCM, and if that fails, it will try a death event instead.

When Reincarnation triggers, you will leave behind a corpse with all your equipment.  Although many settings can be adjusted in the MCM, by default you will be reduced to level 1 and some of your skills will be reduced - but you get to keep any perks you've purchased!

Resetting to level 1 does not alter any quest progress, that simply wouldn't work for gameplay and compatibility reasons - it wouldn't make sense to stumble upon the Eye of Magnus in Saarthal more than once, after all.  Vampirism and Lycanthropy are likewise unaffected.

That NPCs added by this mod will automatically be valid reincarnation targets, but you can use the mod's MCM or a spell to add or remove NPCs as well.  Reincarnation targets can be added if they meet the following criteria:
  1. The NPC must be one of the standard playable races.
  2. The NPC must not be marked essential.
  3. The NPC must not be used by any quests.  The spell version will let you override this - use with care!

The handling of reincarnation NPCs was changed for version 1.2, and you will need to do a simple clean save for them to work correctly again:
  1. (Optional) Start Skyrim SE and load any of the saves you want to clean.  Use the "I lost my body!" option to get your items.  Anything remaining on any bodies left behind will be lost in the next steps!  Exit the game.
  2. Disable daymoyl_Reincarnation.esp
  3. Open Skyrim SE, then load any of your savegames you want to clean.  For each save, activate Death Alternative's Manual Registration to clear out the old entries, then make a save once that completes.  Exit the game once you've finished with all of your saves.
  4. Re-enable daymoyl_Reincarnation.esp
  5. On any of the saves you cleaned, you will need to use Death Alternative's Manual Registration again to pick up the Reincarnation scenarios.  Your previous MCM settings from Reincarnation will be lost as well.

  • The correct eyes are not always applied when taking over a new body.
  • The correct skin color is not always applied when taking over a new body.
  • Race cannot be changed if you die by drowning.  You will need to use the showracemenu console command to fix this.
  • Sometimes the new NPCs' AI schedules put more in the same place than there are idle markers to use, leading to them standing around doing nothing.  Will work on improving this.

  • Full Schlongs of Skyrim support!  If you mix-and-match addons (like different pubic hairs for females), they will transfer correctly.
  • If you use RaceMenu, do not use the extra part types (Nose Type 2, Mouth Type 2, etc.).  These will cause deformities when changing to beast races.