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This mod updates the reward of Svana's Riften quest Caught Red Handed to reward a set item (Steel Boots of Muffling) rather than a random piece of armor.

Permissions and credits
Draelon's Caught Red Handed Quality of Life Change is a simple update to the quest of the same name in Riften for a better quality of life.  In short, it changes the random quest reward to Steel Boots of Muffling (one of the possible random rewards), since there are no disenchantable muffling items in set locations or quests.  It only affects Svana's reward at the end of the quest, but does not alter Haelga's reward of a scroll just prior.

Personally, I find it lore friendly from the aspect of the item is not over powered, especially since it's one of the lower level items available on the vanilla quest already.

Due to how some vanilla quest scripts load, this addon will only work if it is installed prior to starting a new character.  This took me quite awhile to figure out while creating the mod.

I'd like to thank some folks on Discord (PoPoWanObi and AnewFranz) for taking the time to help me work through creating my first mod.  I still have a lot to learn and look forward to making more mods.