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A simple but unique Player Home found in The Rift with vanilla crafting stations, planters, and named storage.

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Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms?
Fear of load screens
Jerky and awkward movements in daily life caused by exposure to frame drops in busy interiors and exteriors
A vague sense of déjà vu whenever you enter a building
Suddenly running out of ideas when writing descriptions

Very good, very good! Say no more!
Unless you want to praise me, of course. In which case, continue.

The solution for all your abatable abode ailments is here!
No more going from load screen to load screen as you attempt to craft, store, and sleep.
No more FPS drops as you enter a crowded home or exit into a raging storm.
No more familiar approaches to architectural aesthetics.
No more, uh... Ideas!

Hidden in The Rift beneath an Alchemist's bed behind lock and key is...
Their basement.

A small scale player home, with beds, crafters, named storage, planters, and plants.
Found in the Alchemist's Shack, not far South of Ivarstead.
You can choose to enter the basement by picking the lock, or finding a key on the body of one of the dead alchemists around Skyrim.(Or Solstheim apparently, which only took me two years to discover)


To allow plants to regrow, the basement is not a NoResetZone - so make sure to not leave any important items laying around! Containers, however, are safe.
Seems like plant regrowth doesn't actually work, so uh... I'll switch it to being a NoResetZone soon.
Followers can't enter. It was left this way intentionally after having followers walk in front of me when trying to access storage one too many times.


Version 1.1
Changed Soul Gem storage from a satchel to a barrel.
Added new named Storage (16 total), including a hidden Stolen Items container.
Removed generic bookcases.
Added Cooking Pot.
Added a spare key (found in the pot above the fireplace).
Fixed a clipping issue with the Smelter.
Changed interior door from a trapdoor to an actual door.
Changed exterior trapdoor.
Realigned cell to match exterior entrance.

Screenshots taken with Mythical ENB