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Creek-side player home just across the valley from whiterun. Minimal clutter, 100% vanilla assets, gardening and alchemy focused, realistic and balanced design.

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Reverie Creek Cottage

Lore friendly player home located in Whiterun Hold. Designed for my current playthrough as a Dunmer alchemist. This house uses 100% vanilla assets.

Surrounded by beautiful vistas, this player home was designed with 4 main goals in mind.

  • Lore friendly design

  • Balanced yet useful design & location. (The only items your character can gain are 5 weak potions, 4 drying ingredients, and a broom)

  • No. Obnoxious. Clutter.

  • Does not make cities obsolete. 

Features: (Original + Convenience Version)
-Crafting: Alchemy, Enchanting, Leatherworking, and Cooking Pot
-Storage: A main safe, 4 Barrels, 3 Ingredient Jars, Food Bags, and Soul Gem Lockbox
-Gardening: 18 Plantable Soil Locations, Apiary, and nearby butterfly, fish and insect spawns.
-Misc: 3 Functional Bookshelves and a single bed.

(Convenience Version Only):
-Map Marker and Fast Travel
-Crafting: Anvil, Grindstone, Workbench, Oven
-Misc: Note Box and Weapon Display

Location: West of Whiterun City, Between Swindler's Den and Drela's Cottage. 

Notes: This house is designed for personal use, and probably wont see many updates. I suggest looking through the images and deciding for yourself if the house is right for your gameplay. It does contain a few magical items near the enchanting station that might be considered lore-breaking for some characters, I personally write it off as something I purchased from Farengar and Arcadia, as "void" and "frost" salts are not ultra-rare, and that a shrine to the divine of mages (julianos) would normally have some special energy around it when near something like an enchanting table. 

This is my first public mod, so any glaring issues or problems I apologize for, I did my best to follow guides and make sure the esp stayed as clean as possible.

Compatibility: I have only tested on my personal modlist. Only compatibility issues you may run into are with a flora overhaul adding trees in the home location, or any large revamp of the whiterun wilds. 

Suggested Mods:
Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants(with static planters addon)
SSELODGEN For the house LOD.
Complete Alchemy and Cooking OverhaulMakes the planters, crafting stations and nearby wildlife much more relevant and useful.

Single Object Bookshelves saved my life when creation kit wouldnt let me duplicate more than 13 book placers at once without crashing!