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Adds a talking dog, a true follower.

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Apples the Dog

Meet Apples. She will talk to you, she will follow you, and she will fight for you.
She can be found inside the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun.
Her strengths include looking cute, speaking human talk, and being immune to death.

During combat, she will summon a spirit fox to fight by her side.

For ENB users, there is a separate version of this mod that gives particle lights to the spirit fox instead of the ghost shaders.
If you use a preset that supports particle lights, I strongly recommend you use this version.

Her appearance is based on my oldest Shiba Inu, Peaches. I called her Apples instead since there are no peaches in Skyrim, and I'm probably already causing the lore police to soil themselves in rage by uploading a talking dog to the Nexus.

Shiba Inu are quite vocal and talkative, so I don't find this mod entirely unrealistic.

Important Notes

I'm considering this mod still in development because I've never made a talking creature follower before. I don't think anything too terrible will happen (this certainly will not break your game), but there may be issues I'm not anticipating. She should be a good girl and not try to equip armor and weapons, for example. She will not try to sit in seats meant for humans. If you do have any problems with her, I would like to know.

When I created her, I also removed the bow and arrows from the follower quest. This is something I wanted for myself, and when I started creating her I never intended to share her with anyone else. I will probably revert this in a future update for the Nexus version.

If you use a follower framework like FLP, she will not be able to do everything the mod asks other followers to do. It would probably be a bad idea to try to force her to change into clothes or armor, for example, and she won't be able to cast spells because she's a dog.

It has also been pointed out to me that Apples is likely incompatible with the mod Immortal-Essential Followers. I don't use the mod, so if someone is able to confirm this incompatibility, I would appreciate it so I can list it as a definite incompatibility.


You may use assets from this mod in any way you want, but you may not use it in mods that you are selling or that are opted in for donation points. Also, please give me credit, and I would also request that you PM me so I can see your work because it would make me happy.


Thanks to XanderVirtus for uploading the mod that gave me inspiration. I did not use any of his assets, but it did make me think about putting my dog in the game. Please check out his mod Vanilla Dog to Husky Replacer.

Thanks to Humus for the cubemap that gives Apples that subtle sheen to her coat:
Modder's Resource on Nexus

Many thanks to Rudy102 for the tutorial and permission to use his assets.

Many thanks to opusGlass for helping me when I got lost in Creation Kit.

And of course, thanks to the true Shibe Patrol.

Are the textures HD?

Excuse me while I stifle a laugh. No, these are vanilla resolution. If you find flaws in the texture work, I'm not surprised. I created this for me with my dog as inspiration. I was not concerned about this, and I realize I'm not a great artist. In fact, I used the vanilla husky textures as a basis. Personally, I'm happy with the end result, but I would never misrepresent this as being HD.

Why does this look bigger than a Shiba Inu?
It looks this way because I used an edited husky mesh to make this. To me, it looks a lot like the shape of my Shibe, but this dog can be anything you like. There will be no indication in game that she is anything but a dog named Apples.

Why the Hall of the Dead?

Besides being cute little bundles of lovable fuzzy wuzzies, dogs are also the stoic guardians of the underworld and gates to the world beyond this mortal plane.

Can she cast magic?
Yes. During combat, she will summon a spirit fox to fight by her side.

Custom voiced?
No. She uses a vanilla follower voice. I'd love this too, but I don't see it happening.