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Pops (or afa in Old Nordic), is a simple follower, nothing special. He's an archer and should stay out of your way in combat.
Even if you don't make Pops a follower, he will add to the activity around Whiterun.
Comes with a full back story.

Permissions and credits
Pops Archer Follower
It was early winter in Skyrim  and the old Nord, known only as Pops, looked out towards the road leading from his small farm. He reminisced of the days he roamed the lands and remembers old friends no longer living. He remembers the excitement he and his friends shared as they went from place to place, town to town, city to city in search of their fortunes. Well, searching for fortunes was the excuse they used to justify their adventuring.

- taken from "An Adventure in Skyrim" by cortex56

Pops back story for those who want to take the time to read it.
An Adventure in Skyrim

(pdf copy in Miscellaneous Files)

(Pop's appearance will change depending on the Face and Body mods you have installed for your game)
Recommend: Fine Face Textures for Males SSE

Pops will use whatever body you use for males. Appearance may change depending on mods installed.
Pops begins at level 6 and levels at a rate of .9% of the player with no level cap.
Pops comes with a custom bow and armor outfit.
You can marry the old guy if you wish.
Pops will wander around Whiterun, doing his own thing during the day, but usually ends up at the Bannered Mare after about 6:00 pm.
Pops Height: .99
Pops weight: .50
Voice type: Male Nord
Set Essential

Custom bow
Custom Armor outfit
lvl ench sword (may vary)

Healing (only himself)


Needed for Pops combat play style.

Daily Routine:
 Morning, he helps Danica around the Temple, then heads to the Hall of the Dead to visit fallen comrades. 
 He usually will go to Arcadia's after that and sometimes take ingredients for Danica to have Arcadia make potions.
 He helps around the Warmaidens also,  just to be able to use the forge and grindstone for his own purpose.
 Evening, you will find him helping or relaxing in the Bannered Mare.

Pops does not:
 Use magic
 Heal anyone but himself.
 Handle two handed or one handed melee as good as he does a bow.
 Smile - almost never.

Special Mentions and Credits:
KS Hairdos SSE
XxRarityx17 VR testing.
Spiderbob12 for his testing, encouragement and suggestions. Also some amazing screenshots.
ctuck61 for testing, encouragement and suggestions.
triptherift for fixing shader issues.
OldMansBeard for testing, ridicule and being a great mentor. 
Bethesda for Creation Kit and Skyrim Special Edition.

About "An Adventure in Skyrim"
This is the story of Pops. I wrote this before deciding to make Pops into a follower.
Images in the story do not match those of Pops, the follower.

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