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It seems that a powerful necromancer is hiding near Dawnstar, will you cleanse his lair for the good of Skyrim? Or perhaps you seek to take his power for your own?

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It seems that a powerful necromancer is hiding near Dawnstar, will you cleanse his lair for the good of Skyrim? Or perhaps you seek to take his power for your own?

Adds a Small Quest to defeat a necromancer, who has acquired two powerful necromantic artifacts: The Bloodworm Helm, and The Staff of Worms. To start the quest, travel to the outskirts of Dawnstar, there you will find a Vigilant of Stendarr who has been attacked by undead.

  • A brand new quest
  • A new dungeon to explore
  • A new player home 
  • Two new artifacts
  • (Optional File) An update to make the Necromancer's Amulet more worthwhile

Video by Just Call Me Frosty:
Note: May contain some spoilers. Jump to 14:45 for this mod.

Huge thanks to Just Call Me Frosty for showcasing my mods!

The Artifacts:

The Staff of Worms is the necromntic staff that was once held by Mannimarco, The King of Worms. This powerful staff is capable of reanimating any humanoid corpse for any amount of time.
  • Raises a Worm Thrall

The Bloodworm Helm is a sinister necromantic artifact, crafted by Mannimarco himself. The helm is made of magically formed bone, and is said to be both beautiful and terrifying to behold. The helm allows its wearer to raise an infinite number of undead, however it weakens the wearer causing them to take more damage form all sources.
  • Raise an infinite number of undead
  • Take 25% more damage

The Necromancer's Amulet is said to be an exquisitely carved jade and ebony amulet, with a skull emblazoned upon it. Created by Mannimarco, the amulet has the power to heal undead around it, at the cost of the wearer's own lifeforce. The wearer also exchanges vitality  for magical potency, granting them extra magicka.
  • Heal undead within 20ft 5pts per second
  • -25 Health
  • +80 Magicka
  • -50 Stamina

Home Sweet Home:

After defeating the necromancer you may choose to take his lair for your own. The previous owner was clearly a slob, but with a few improvements it could be a place that a necromancer can truly call home! Once you've cleared the crypt of its current... tenant, his Skull of Summoning will reveal itself, allowing you to conjure improvements for your home from the soul cairn: for the low price of a few of your enemies' immortal souls!

  • Initial Release
  • Fixed dialogue bug with the Skull of Summoning
  • Fixed bug causing the game to crash
  • Added 2 new rooms to purchase
  • Added tempering recipes to items that were missing them
  • The Bloodworm Helm can now be changed to light armor or clothing at the necromantic altar
  • Added a new weapon
  • Fixed an issue with exit
  • Special Eddition Release
  • Fixed Exit Issue AGAIN

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