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Claim Nightwielder Spire, the home of Azra Nightwielder, for yourself and unravel the mysteries of shadow magic.

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Nightwielder Spire was once the home of Azra Nightwielder, the greatest Shadow Mage ever to walk Tamriel. Before his death Azra enchanted his tower so only a mage with the potential to match or surpass his own skill could gain entry. That mage is you.
Nightwielder Spire is a single tower, in many worlds. There are many different versions of the tower, each in a different shadow realm, and each accessible through the main tower. Each room is furnished to accommodate different needs.
As well as a player home, this mod adds a new type of magic, Shadow Magic, which has been incorporated into the existing schools of magic. To be a true master of shadow magic, you must first master all five basic schools of magic.

  • A New player home
  • 19 New magic spells
  • 3 New books on shadow magic
  • A New spell book crafting system
  • New equipment

Video by Just Call Me Frosty:
Note: May contain some spoilers.

Huge thanks to Just Call Me Frosty for showcasing my mods!

The Tower:
Nightwielder spire was originally built to respond to its creator, Azra Nightwielder, so you will require his staff to make use of the tower's functions. Scattered throughout the tower are magical tablets with the image of a shadow key embossed on their faces. To control the tower's functions simply strike a tablet with Azra Nightwielder's staff, and see what happens! After the many years without its creator Nightwielder Spire has become disconnected from its counterparts, and will have to be reconnected. To reconnect a version of the tower you will need five magical focuses called shadow orbs, these can be created at the tablet in the main tower. Some rooms have extra optional upgrades, which can be created at the cost of 1 shadow orb. To make a shadow orb you can use a soul gem containing a grand soul, or you can permanently give up 5 magicka. There are six versions of the tower which you can create:

The Bedroom
The Bedroom contains:
  • A bed (duh)
  • A desk
  • A magical fireplace
  • Azra Nightwielder's wine collection
  • A wardrobe with attire for a shadow mage
Optional Upgrades:
  • A Shadow Mirror (allows you to change appearance)
  • An armor Mannequin

The Library
The Library contains:
  • Book shelves to hold all of your collected tomes
  • Scroll cabinets
  • Two new books related to shadow magic
Optional Upgrades:
  • A case to hold your Elder Scrolls
  • A special bookcase for Black Books

The Arcanery
The Arcanery contains:
  • An Arcane Enchanter
  • An Alchemy Workbench
  • A Staff Enchanter
  • A Spellmaking Altar
  • Storage for soul gems, potions, and alchemy ingrediants
Optional Upgrades:
  • A Soul Gem Converter
  • An Alchemical Recipe Chest

The Atronach Arena
The Atronach arena contains:
  • An arena in which you can pit various daedra and undead against eachother, or fight them yourself. (I recommend pitting two Lurkers against eachother)

The Vault
The Vault contains:
  • Plenty of storage containers
  • A fully equipped forge
  • Azra Nightwielder's treasure hoard
  • Two armor Mannequins
  • A Secret surprise

The Roof Access
The Roof Access contains:
  • The only way up to the roof
The Roof contains:
  • One of The Seven Star Teeth
  • A book explaining the use of the Star Tooth
  • (Note) This room contains no utilities, only cool stuff.

The Magic:
Nightwielder spire contains 19 new spells, which have been distributed between the Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration Schools. Spells can be crafted at the spellmaking altar when you are at the appropriate lvl in that school. (for more information on shadow magic, see the new in game book "Shadow Magic" in the library)

Alteration Shadow Magic involves the manipulation of the physical world through shadows.

  • Recall (lvl 25): Follow a predetermined path through a shadow realm to a known destination. You can use this spell to transport yourself to any major city, or point of interest, or to travel to a marked destination.

  • Shadow Restraint (lvl 50): Cause your enemy to be restrained by their own shadow.

Conjuration Shadow Magic involves summoning objects or creatures form shadow realms to serve your purpose.

  • Summon Shadow (lvl 25): Summon a shadow version of yourself to aid you in combat.

  • Shadow Blade - Sword (lvl 50): Construct a sword of shadow to fight with. (Ignores 50% of armor)

  • Shadow Blade - Battleaxe (lvl 50): Construct a battleaxe of shadow to fight with. (Ignores 50% of armor)

  • Summon Umbra' Keth (lvl 75): Use the shadows created by the civil war in Skyrim to summon and bind an Umbra' Keth, or shadow of conflict.

Destruction Shadow Magic involves using shadows to damage  your opponents, while empowering yourself.

  • Leech Health (lvl 25): Absorb 10 Health per second form the target.

  • Leech Magicka (lvl 25): Absorb 10 Magicka per second form the target. (yes, the cost is higher than the benefit at low levels, be patient)

  • Leech Stamina (lvl 25): Absorb 10 Stamina per second form the target.

  • Absorb Health (lvl 50): Absorb 50 Health from each target hit.

  • Absorb Magicka (lvl 50): Absorb 50 Magicka from each target hit.

  • Absorb Stamina (lvl 50): Absorb 50 Stamina from each target hit.

  • Mass Absorb (lvl 75): Absorb 25 Health, Magicka, and Stamina per second from targets within 15 feet.

Illusion shadow magic involves using shadows to disrupt your target's senses, or improve your own.

  • Shadow Sight (lvl 25): For 2 minutes you can see the target, wherever they go.

  • Mind Shadow (lvl 50): Affected targets cant visually detect you for 2 minutes. (Does not affect hearing)

  • Flood of Shadows (lvl 75): Flood the world with shadows, distorting reality and masking your presence for 1 minute. (the only way to be detected is to run into someone)

Restoration Shadow Magic involves fortifying, or reducing the power and defenses of others.

  • Shadow Ward (lvl 25): Target gains 50 armor, and resists 50% of magic for 60 seconds.

  • Absorption Cloak (lvl 50): Target absorbs 5 Health, Stamina, and Magicka from all nearby targets for 60 seconds.

  • Shadow Rune (lvl 75): Creates a large shadow rune to fight in. While in the rune enemy damage is reduced by 25%. Both physical and magic resistance is reduced by 10%.


Q: I don't get it.
A: That's a statement not a question. Read the description, read the books, brush up on lore, you'll get it eventually.

Q: Why did you add absorb magicka spells that cost magicka?
A: One is an aoe, so if you hit enough targets, it will restore more than it consumes. The other is concentration, and with a high enough destruction skill, it can be useful (also I wanted to have a complete set for health, magicka, and stamina, so live with it.)

Q: Who is Azra Nighwielder?
A: Are you the same guy who didn't get it? Read the books, read some lore. I'll even get you started -> here

Q: Where is this wondrous tower? 
A: Now that's a question! You can find the entrance in the reach, a ways north of Markarth. Here let me mark it on your map...

Q: I was using Flood of Shadows, and the guy I bumped into detected me!
A: Did you even read the description?

Q: I recalled, and died, whats up with that?
A: You need to be more careful where you place your marks, that's whats up with that.

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