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This mod allows you to offer a job and shelter to any beggar and any non-unique NPC with level lower than 10. Servants automatically sort items between containers around the house. Housecarls are supported.

Compatible with everything and don't require SKSE

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SKSE free

The version for the regular Skyrim is available
The version for XBox is available

If you ever wanted to invite beggars to live in your warm house, well, now you can.

This mod allows you to offer a job and shelter to any beggar and any non-unique NPC with level lower than 20 (not nessesery beggar; characters from other mods are supported). Player must reach level 20 or higher.

Housecarls can sort loot too, they do it for free, but you can't move them between the houses

Servants will cook food and provide firewood once a day and when using the corresponding furniture (they must have Woodcutter's Axe in the inventory). Both meal and firewood will appear in the servant's inventory. 
Females provide more food and Males provide more firewood. 


So, you hire a Servant. What he or she can do?
Servants automatically sort items you give them between containers around the house (details are below).

There are already several mods with the auto sorting feature. What's the difference?
- This mod doesn't require SKSE
- Servants can run any house with any containers (actually - ANY place in the world, exteriors and interiors)
- Servants will require a salary
- You can hire up to 100 servants, so you can run 100 different places in the world with the UNLIMITED number of containers.
- The mod support custom and craftable containers
- Compatible with everything

How to hire a servant?
1) Become a friend with the beggar (give a coin) or non-unique NPC
2) Use the topic "Would you like to..." ?

How to fire a servant?
1) Remove everything from your right hand
2) Use the topic "You need to leave..."

IMPORTANT: You won't be able to hire this servant again without console cheats!

How to show the house?
1) Travel to your house and use the topic "Can you manage this place?". The Servant will remain in this location
2) To move into another house, use the topic "Follow me"

How to mark containers?
1) Select the topic about "writing notes"
2) Exit the dialogue (Tab by default)
3) Sit on a chair and wait until your character starts writing
4) Place the note to "Mark" the container, remove the note from the container to "Unmark" it. Simple.

You can use several containers with the same mark in the same house. The items will be randomly distributed between them.
Containers marked as "Same Items" will recieve only items that already stored in these containers, they will take priority over anything else.

How to order your servant to sort loot?
1) Use the "Here. Sort..." topic
2) Just start giving items via inventory

The servant won't sort items if you owe him a gold.

To give a servant clothes, weapons and other items WITHOUT moving them to containers - ask the servant to Follow you. Then use the option "I want to share some items"

How to pay salary?
1) Use the "Here. Sort..." topic
2) Give gold.

How to change daily salary?
(by default you pay 30 gold, economy mods may affect the price)
1) Open the console
2) Type 
set ServantWageMultiplier to YourValue
(it's 1 by default)