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This mod is a new and immersive way to enter the ragged flagon. I was always bothered by the bland and immersion breaking ,,test'' of finding the flagon.With this mod finding the flagon is a challenge for a true thief.

Permissions and credits

Hello everybody and welcome.For as long as i can remember i always thought that the Thieves Guild of Skyrim is lacking in comparison to that of Oblivion or Morrowind.The quests in Skyrim are just repetitive , they all wear that silly armor and their hideout is basically a short walk a way from the Market Place.Mjoll and some mercenary's could have discovered them long ago even some of the non corrupt guards.There are many mods to fix the quests  and equipment but non(at least i found non) to fix there ridiculous hideout.This mod aims to do this in a very role friendly and immersive way.


This mod changes the way in which you make your way to the Ragged Flagon and it has 2 different versions.The First is the ,,Light Version'' you will still enter the RatWay through the usual doorway BUT you will have to traverse all the Ratway and the Warrens in quite a different order and through some newly placed doors.

The second version is what i call the ,,Hardcore'' version the one i personally use and it seems the most immersive.In this version the usual entry way is just a collapsed sewer and you have 2 options to enter the Ratway.The first is through Riften Jail and The Second is through the sewage grate outside of town(check screenshots for locations) .I made this so you could actually role play quite a bit on what kind of ,,test'' Brynjolf would put you through.

The entire way i have modified so you must explore ALL the Ratway and the Warrens i have set up some traps and many of the doors are locked with Adept level or higher.

Additional Info

This is the first mod i have made that i deemed good enough and more importantly IMPORTANT enough to be uploaded online.I have limited experience with the CK and have made a few mods for myself.If you would like me to change something or add something leave a comment and i will try to see if i can do it.

If you enjoy the mod consider spreading the word , endorsing the mod or anything to help spread the word. I appreciate it very much

Also you have permission to use this mod in anyway you guys want(re upload it with modifications upload it somewhere else i dont care)  just give me a little credit mention my name as the original creator and that s all.

Future Plans: I will try to make modifications to many of the ,,un immersive'' aspects of Skyrim that i can t find mods for
My next point will be the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary's . I want to make them a TRUE secret location  just like it was in Oblivion.

Mod Recommendations

This mods are not needed you just need Skyrim Special Edition for my mod but it really makes the Thieves Guild much better if you have them in your load order.

Opulent Thieves Guild : As you progress through the thieves quest line the flagon will be more and more populated new things will be added and there will be much more interactions between the NPC s. Much much better than vainlla  

All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently : With this mod you can get all the jobs from Vex and Delvin at once so you can get the necessary 5 Jobs per Hold much faster.In my experience i would always take all the jobs then do 1 Main Quest for the Guild this way by the end i have all the Cities done and the Guild Done.

No to Nocturnal : This is a mod that is a must have for me. And the title says it all


Use your chosen mod manager and just install it OR if you want just place the .esp file in the Data folder and activate it.


Opulent Thieves Guild - Compatible
JK's Cities / JK's Skyrim - Compatible
Skyrim Sewers - Compatible
Open Cities - The LITE version is compatible with Open Cities 
                     - Special Version of the Hardcore / Immersive Hideout made Compatible(Download only the Open Cities Version and install that)

Video Preview
This video is a SPOILER for the MOD. It shows in detail what i have modified all the traps , doors , creatures ETC what i have added.