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Just a quick and nifty fix for Armor and Clothing Extension

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It always bugged me (as many others) to have $ signs in MCM in front of the Armor and Clothing Extension menu. The only thing I did is just renaming the translation files to their proper names (changed expansion to extension).

How to install: just drop the contents of the zip file into your Data folder and should be good to go. (no .esp file or anything like that, just a few loose files (.txt)

It is a very easy fix, I am sure kryptopyr will include it in the next update.

As far as I can see in the Armor and Clothing Extension disclaimer you are allowed to make patches and you are only barred from reuploading the file or using assets from it (translations are txt files not assets in my opinion). However if support or kryptopyr decides that my fix should be removed then I am happy to comply.