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  1. Pfuscher
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    All textures from Oldryim are compatible to SSE apart from grass and plants. Meshes are not compatible, I will upload them in time. Grass and plants need a specular map first.

    Parallax doesn't work in SE, Community ENRAGE, this needs to be patched.

    Big thanks to this awesome community!

    1. Does 4K work with 1080p Monitors?
    - YES, It's about object size, not monitor resolution.

    2. What is 4K Diffuse 2K Normalmap?
    - Diffuse=Basetexture, Normalmap just a heightmap

    3. Will there be a All in 1 Pack?
    - Yes as soon as everything is up, including meshes. I have to wait for a tool that can port everything properly.

    4. Version Numbers?
    - Future Versions will have numbers, the ones without are 1.0

    5. Will I add more? Landscape, city, armor, everything.
    - Of course I will.

    6. Parallax? a) Mesh Parallax b) Terrain Parallax
    - As soon as it's possible

    7. FPS Hit?
    - Depends on your Vram.

    Compatible to everything that's not a landscape mod with the same textures.
    Those overwrite each other without crash. Loadorder decides what gets displayed.

    So Compatible to Smim and everything.
    Overwriting each other: HD2k and that stuff.

    To do:
    2K Version
    1K Version
    - Update road mod
  2. idigweeds
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    Now all you need is an all-in-one package!
    1. ctka00
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      Maybe they did?
    2. Cravice
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      This should be mentioned in the description....
    3. DarkDominion
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      maybe 2017 != 2018 ?
  3. aftonborr
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    So I see the 1k files are up. I run at 1920x1080 on a 27" monitor. I have plenty of VRAM with the ROG Strix gtx1080 but I'm thinking that these huge textures may be something I could trim. Is anyone else moving to the 1k textures and if so why and what's your thinking on this?
  4. bogart69
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    Does anyone know if this covers the same files as Noble Skyrim ?
    1. hilarious19989
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      Yes, I think this covers all the objects like in NSM
      Choose whichever textures you like
  5. MelanthaRose
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    I'm not sure if I should use 2k or 4k

    Should I give my computer details?
    Would anyone be able to tell if my computer would be able to handle to run on 4k?

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19GHZ

    NVM 2K isn't done yet.
    I will give 4k a try.
    It looks beautiful.
    1. TabulaSmaragdina
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      1K textures will be inserted, therefore lighter but always of high quality.
      Pfuscher has added my screenshots.
    2. Ionil
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      There is no reason you will ever need 4k textures for landscapes (except maybe mountains, if you don't have a mod that fixes the stretched UV maps). I personally use 2k, although honestly 1k is best on performance and if you have a decent ENB to enhance them, the quality loss is barely noticeable.

      If you have the VRAM to run it and the proper monitor that would even show the difference, by all means, go 4k, but for most people who don't know how their system handles the graphics load, it's not super worth it.
  6. EmeraldUnicorn
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    Whiterun one won't install... not sure if it's NMM related or mod conflict related or what at this point. Every other one installed fine.
    1. Richardfeton
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      disable and try to enable again, that happened to me earlier
  7. Pandorita
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    Please do the 2k and 1k versions! I want to use your beautiful textures, but my potato machine won't allow it.
  8. GeneralPrestonGarvey
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    this is great! The minuteman can use more people like you! by the way if you want to help out around here at all? then leave @pfuscher some endorsements! if you dont then you can always help me out with some more settlements!

    Thanks a lot this has become a long staple in my modlists I wouldn't leave sanctuary without it (trust me) and will help us all in hammering down the same piece of wall for the billionth time! Endorsed! :)
  9. ShibePatrol
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    What mod are you using that replaces the annoying floating pot in High Hrothgar with a planter?
  10. kyleking11
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    Is this mod compatible with the "Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM" mod?

    1. zeknapain
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      It's only textures mate if you load it after SMIM you get these textures on SMIM edited items.
      If you load before SMIM you get SMIM textures on SMIM stuff..
      izi pizi
  11. detree
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    Do you have to download all the downloads or are they different versions of the same mod?
    1. zeknapain
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      Can't you read the titles of each download.....?? -_-
      It becomes very clear if you do....