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Adds a Dunmer style decorated Humble House to the area south of Nightgate Inn, down by the big lake.
Or alternatively to the area outside Whiterun.


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Are you tired of fully equipped houses with too many features?
Are you tired of vanilla houses and Hearthfires houses?
Want to role play a humble Dunmer living in Skyrim, but want an actual Dunmer-ish home that blends in?
Or perhaps you want to play a reclusive alchemist living in the middle of nowhere?

Then "Humble Houses - Dunmer" is the mod for you! :D

"Humble Houses" (HH for short) is a series of player home mods focused on humble role play.
Each house in the series will have some furniture, but not too many crafting stations.
All assets are vanilla at the time so they blend in nicely.
HH does not remove vanilla items from the world. Anything on the way will be moved and hidden.
Most containers are custom made, some made from vanilla items, and have custom labels to help you sort your items.

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Humble Houses - Dunmer is the Dunmer version of "Humble Houses".

Now in 3 different flavours!
Main file: area south of Nightgate Inn, down by the lake (no, that's a pond, I mean the actual lake).
Optional file 1: area outside Whiterun.
(See pictures)
Optional file 2: turns Alchemy lab into a custom Enchanting table. Currently only Nightgate Inn area.

All furnishing and decorations are Dunmer themed, but the house itself is a normal Skyrim styled building.
This particular house is based on the type of building you find in Whiterun.

Within the house, you will find not only furniture, but also shrines to the Reclamations, Azura, Boethia and Mephala (fully functional with their respective blessing).
Also this particular house has an alchemy bench and a cooking pot, but no other crafting station.

The house is available to the player from the beginning.
I might look into adding purchase options in the future, but for now, it's a house to role play as your own from the beginning. 

There's also a "esp flagged as esl" version available.

Download and install with your preferred mod manager.


Drop the .esp into the Data folder (seriously, though, use a mod manager for your mods).

(This plugin requires "Dragonborn.esm")


1. Bring all your items and followers out of the house (if you leave anything in you WILL lose it)
2. Go to another interior cell (any interior would do, but avoid exteriors for safety) and make a new save.
3. Disable with mod manager or delete the esp from data folder (not other files added).
4. Load your save and you will get a message saying ".esp is missing", click yes and load.
5. If your game loaded without problems, you are good to go :)

Should be safe to uninstall anytime as long as you aren't inside the house.

Leave your suggestions and advises in the comment section!

If you like the mod, please recommend it to your friends! ;)
If you didn't like it, then recommend it to your enemies! :D

Thanks for stopping by! 
Azura bless you!

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Note from the author:
You are NOT allowed to convert, port or redistribute this file without my explicit permission. If you want to use it in other mods, contact me first.