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A young male Bosmer follower and potential marriage partner.

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  • What's this?

I don't like Skyrim marriage options. Most of them will use full steel armor while relaxing at home, warpaint while cooking and even carry a pickaxe around the entire time. 

That's why I created Faldan. If you're out therer killing dragons and adventuring, he will wear anything you give him. If you dismiss or marry him, he will stay home (or at the starting place), wearing regular Farmer Clothes and a Steel Dagger. No full heavy armor or warpaint while relaxing.

  • What do you need to know about her?

Not much. You can find him at The Drunken Huntsman, an inn located in Whiterun.  He will act as a regular vanilla folower, but I applied the Muffled Movement and Light Foot perks. He is essential, so he won't die. Faldan will level up from level 10 to 50 and favors ranged combat with a bow. Also, this mod is compatible with Better Stealth AI for Followers and Follower Trap Safety.

  • Install/Unistall

Use NMM.

  • Other Followers

Martha, a female Nord 
Roggvar, a male Nord
Alwaen, a female Altmer
Elenon, a male Altmer
Elandora, a female Bosmer


  1. Feedback is always welcome, but please be patient. I can make other versions if you want to (change clothes, add warpaint, etc). Also, I will probably do the same for other races, both male and female options.
  2. You're not allowed to share this file on other sites. Since I'm new to modding, I need to have control over this files for bug fixing and improvement. I will always update here on Nexus.
  3. You can make compatibility patches if needed, but please contact me.
  4. I don't know how mods work on XBox One and PS4, but if you wish to see a version to this plataforms please contact me.