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Fixes the black face bug present in a lot of the NPC's in the Stormcloak for Good Guys mod.

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Stormcloak for Good Guys is a really cool mod because it gives the player some extra choice and allows you to help out the NPC's of Windhelm in a more impactful way unlike before. Unfortunately, many of the newly added NPC's in the mod have a black face bug present.

The NPC's in question are all of the different soldiers added in the Imperial and Stormcloak armies by this mod. There are now Argonian, Khajiit, Redguard and varying Elves in both armies and some new enemy classes such as Stormcloak Warbears and Stormcloak Shieldmaidens. When running around in Skyrim, the black face bug on these characters becomes pretty gosh darn noticeable (because you see them in their army camps as well as when there is an Imperial squad escorting a captured Stormcloak soldier) so I tried doing something about it. My knowledge regarding the Creation Kit is extremely limited but fortunately, exporting face gen data for all of these NPC's is something that I can do.

Installation and Uninstalling the mod:

First and foremost, make sure to get the original mod by clicking here! 

Install both Stormcloak for Good Guys and this mod with your mod manager of choice or install it manually by dropping the contents in the archive into your Skyrim directory.

Uninstalling this mod manually shouldn't be too hard but it gets really tedious as you have to go through a lot of folders until you find the "Goodstormcloaks.esp" folder in your Textures and Meshes folders so I recommend using a mod manager. Uninstalling with your mod manager of choice is done like normal though.

Final Words:

Make sure to endorse the original mod and show some love to Mordivier2, the creator of Stormcloak for Good Guys!