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Adds a small dwelling in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm. Deed/Key is purchased at Sadri's Used Wares and price is effected by speechcraft. Has spousal and adoption support for up to 2 children when using the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod.

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Adds a simple, small, home in the The Gray Quarter district of Windhelm. Workbenches included are alchemy, enchanting, cooking pot, and oven. There's lots of custom containers for assorted goods and 12 shelves you can place books on. If you have Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions installed you can use the "Bless Home" spell and have a spouse and two children live in this small space with you. The deed is being sold by Revyn Sadri at Sadri's Used Wears, check in the books/note section. You have to open the deed to receive the key. (You know, it's sealed inside! Immersion.)

This house was mostly made for a character I am currently playing, a dark elf who felt really, really bad about seeing Sofia selling flowers not far from her doorstep... "Just.. come sleep in my attic or something instead of on the ground outside Niranye's house..." I am more than happy to fix bugs but will likely not be making any design changes to the house itself, but I am not bothered by people editing my mods to customize to their liking. :)


Preview pictures do not use an ENB, but do have certain item retexture mods installed. They are not included.



There is no Open Cities patch (I do not use this mod, anyone who does use it is free to make their own patch and release for it however), but I do have confirmations that it works with JK's Skyrim. :)