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Attribute system to further customize your character: Adds Strength, Intelligence, etc.. to Skyrim, each controlling three characteristics.

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Attribute Value Application

Attributes are back to being an integral part of your character's creation and development.
Ten attributes affect three traits each. Your selected Race and Gender will determine your base attributes; from there you can distribute the remaining attributes as you see fit, in turn raising the effectiveness of each of the traits for those attributes.

Gain additional attribute points as you develop your character, depending on the skills in which you focus.

How does this work
  • Approximately 30 seconds following character creation, you will receive a pop-up message; choose to complete the setup now or wait.
  • If you choose to wait, a Setup Attributes power will be added. However, you should complete this step prior to leveling up.
  • Choosing to complete now (or upon using the power), choose a difficulty.
  • You will then be able to distribute your points to the attributes you want (see pictures).
  • Each attribute has a minimum of 6 and maximum of 21. Vanilla "behavior" for each trait is associated with an attribute value of 11.
  • This range provides roughly a 25% below (penalty) to 50% above (bonus) compared to vanilla values for most traits.
  • An attribute can be raised by +10 during the initial distribution, including your race's base (not to exceed the maximum of 21).
  • Each Skill has 3 attributes assigned to it. Once you raise a Skill enough (50 and 100), one of these three attributes will increase as well.
  • Raising an attribute will increase the associated traits.
  • Several attributes affect a both base value and provide additional benefit at level up (Health, Magicka, Stamina, and Carry Weight).

  • The MCM is for reference only. It will show your current Attribute values.
  • Highlighting an Attribute will provide detail at the bottom of the screen regarding that Attribute's Traits.


  • Physical Damage: Percent multiplier of normal damage done with weapons.
  • Power Attack Cost: Multiplier for the stamina cost of executing a Power Attack.
  • Unarmed Damage: Bonus applied to base Unarmed Damage.

  • Health: Base Health multiplier, and any bonus at Level Up.
  • Disease/Poison Resistance: Resistance (or weakness) to diseases and poisons.
  • Physical Resistance: Multiplier for physical damage done to you with melee weapons.

  • Health Regeneration: Multiplier for how quickly you regenerate health.
  • Carry Weight: Multiplier for base Carry Weight, and any bonus at Level Up.
  • Sprint Stamina Cost: Multiplier for how much stamina is used while sprinting.

  • Magicka: Base Magicka multiplier, and any bonus at Level Up.
  • Spell Duration: Multiplier for the duration of spells.
  • Spell Magnitude: Multiplier for the magnitude of spells.

  • Magicka Regeneration: Multiplier for how quickly you regenerate magicka.
  • Magic Resistance: Resistance (or weakness) to magic.
  • Spell Cost: Multiplier for the cost of spells.

  • Critical Hit Damage: Multiplier for the amount of Critical Damage done when you land a Critical Hit.
  • Evade Attack Chance: The chance that you are able to avoid all physical melee damage.
  • Power Attack Damage: Percent multiplier of Power Attack Damage.

  • Stamina: Base Stamina multiplier, and any bonus at Level Up.
  • Melee Speed: Multiplier for your base swing speed of melee weapons (for those familiar with Skyrim's issue here, a fix is incorporated).
  • Movement Speed: Multiplier for movement speed.

  • Stamina Regeneration: Multiplier for how quickly you regenerate stamina.
  • Range Damage: Percent multiplier of normal damage done with ranged weapons (Bows and Crossbows).
  • Jump/Fall: Jump Height Multiplier, which is also used to adjust Fall Damage.

  • Bribe Cost: Multiplier for the cost of bribing an NPC.
  • Intimidate Chance Mult: Multiplier for the chance of successfully intimidating an NPC.
  • Persuade Mult: Multiplier for the minimum Speech skill required to successfully persuade an NPC.

  • Critical Hit Chance: Multiplier for chance of successfully landing a Critical Hit.
  • Extra Perk Chance: Chance of gaining an extra Perk Point at Level Up (Cumulative: Continues to increase until you get one, then resets).
  • Rewards Mult: Multiplier for gold rewards received upon completing favors and quests.


  • Raises: Endurance, Agility, Dexterity.

  • Raises: Strength, Fortitude, Endurance.

Heavy Armor
  • Raises: Strength, Fortitude, Endurance.

One Handed
  • Raises: Strength, Perception, Dexterity.

  • Raises: Strength, Fortitude, Endurance.

Two Handed
  • Raises: Strength, Fortitude, Agility.

  • Raises: Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity.

  • Raises: Intelligence, Wisdom, Perception.

  • Raises: Fortitude, Intelligence, Wisdom.

  • Raises: Fortitude, Intelligence, Perception.

  • Raises: Intelligence, Perception, Charisma.

  • Raises: Intelligence, Wisdom, Perception.

  • Raises: Wisdom, Agility, Dexterity.

Light Armor
  • Raises: Strength, Endurance, Agility.

  • Raises: Perception, Dexterity, Luck.

  • Raises: Agility, Dexterity, Luck.

  • Raises: Endurance, Agility, Luck.

  • Raises: Wisdom, Charisma, Luck.

  • Expired, Author of UIExtensions, for providing a mod allowing an option outside of vanilla menus and MCM.

Because this utilizes a UIExtensions menu, UIExtensions is a requirement (link above in the Credits).

By nature of the Agility attribute, a Weapon / Attack Speed fix is incorporated in to this mod. Having another mod that does this will cause unpredictable results (extremely slow or extremely fast swings)... or may do nothing.

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