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A (hopefully) growing collection of zEdit patchers.

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There are things that annoy me in the game and I usually fix them, sometimes - by writing various automation tools. Like the ones I'm going to collect here. You're obviously going to need zEdit for all this stuff. Everything here is BSD licensed - so no need to ask me before doing stuff with my code, no matter what that stuff is going to be.

Visual Transfer - recreates a part of NPCProc functionality - transfer of visual attributes for various NPC mods. Just drop those mods somewhere in your load order, specify them in the patcher settings (one per line) and there you go. The list of mods in your settings window may be as large as you need, there's no need to remove the ones that don't exist in your current load order from the settings, the order in which they listed there doesn't matter either. What matters is their order in your actual load order. Speaking of which - it makes sense keeping your NPC visuals mods as high in your LO as possible while using this tool so these mods will not overwrite others that change, let''s say, followers stats, spells or abilities. Github repo

In case you still don't understand what this is all about - I'm going to simply copy the description of an appropriate functionality of NPCProc.

We all saw this - grey face. First, let's get into the technical side of this issue - how it happens.

The "grey face" comes from mods editing NPC appearance twice or more. For example, you've got Bijin Warmaidens in your load order, but then you've got both AFT and Immersive Weapons installed, LOOT completely messes up your load order (yes, it does exactly that - it insists on placing IW below AFT, which means it will put IW, a weapons mod, on the very bottom of your LO, thanks to some kind sole who decided to add this rule because AFT overrides a couple of records for Dark Brotherhood initiates, leaving them without daggers from IW - such a big deal). And, of course, then IW overrides all NPC records, like Aela's record. And guess what - Aela gets grey face instead of the one that was added by Bijin Warmaidens. 

Now this mod fixes it, but the fix is not completely automated. You need to know a name of the mod's ESP that defines NPC appearance you want to preserve. NPCProc comes with "faces.txt" file already containing some mod ESP names, but if you use something else - you'll need to add it to this list. 

It is also a good way to change appearance of other heavily edited NPCs w/o breaking any functionality. For example, Enhanced Skyrim Followers - Aela the Huntress edits a lot of stuff and those edits are necessary for the functionality. Now if you want her to have a custom appearance, you place appearance mod above ESF Aela and ensure that the appearance mod is listed in faces.txt. Run NPCProc - and you're done. 

NPCProc, with "Process face data" option turned on - which is set to OFF by default - checks every NPC if its appearance was defined in one of the listed mods. The last one that matches wins  - the appearance data is being added to the created patch's record. So make sure your load order for those esp's matches the one in faces.txt

If you happen to add something to the faces.txt - would you also please send it to me? I'll add it to the file which will be made available to all users as an update. We can have as many records there as necessary - if you have non of the listed ESPs in your load order, there is no harm in it. 

Now you don't need to edit files anymore - just put the names of ESPs containing NPC visuals you want to preserve in the text box - see the Images section for the screenshot.

Water damage fix - simply puts "causes damage" flags on every water type in the game. Why? Because you need this for iNeed, RND etc and it's annoying to have patches for RWT and others, possibly for some new land mods etc. Who needs tons of patches when we can just code it? Github repo.

Conjuration spells magicka absorb fix - adds the "no absorb" flag to summoning spells that are missing it. The original problem is summoning spells are being affected by absorb perks/abilities so sometimes they fail - unless this flag is set on a spell. Vanilla spells are already fixed by unofficial patches, but some mod-added spells still have this problem. This patcher fixes the problem by adding the missing keyword. Github repo.

Potions weight recalculator - simply takes (hopefully) every potion and poison in the game and divides them by 5. Why 5? Because I liked the idea. If you don't like the number, open the index.js and edit weightMultiplier value - that's my "configuration page" for you. This is so trivial I didn't bother making a github repo for the module.


Download zEdit and learn how to use it.

Drop these patchers into the "modules" folder of zedit