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Diverse Guards for Skyrim Special Edition - Version 5.2

As with Oblivion, it seems that the job of being a City Guard or soldier is
mostly only available to males (the curious exceptions being Windhelm and
Riften). Furthermore, if you use a mod that opens the faces of guard helmets,
you probably could not help but notice that many of the guards are the same.
If you like a bit more diversity amongst those charged with keeping the
peace, this mod may be for you.

What this mod does is almost double the stock of basic NPCs that the game uses
when it wants to spawn a new guard or soldier. Furthermore, it makes sure
that the stock of guards used for Solitude, Markarth and Whiterun (and other
guards and soldiers in holds aligned with the Imperial faction) actually
contain some female NPCs.

There is currently little racial diversity, and actually I don't think there
ever will be more - the Oblivion version of this mod did have optional racial
diversity because Cyrodiil felt a much more cosmopolitan place, whereas
Skyrim definitely feels as if non-Nordic guards would be out of place (the
possible exception being an Imperial or two in Solitude, perhaps).


Copy the contents of the archive into your Skyrim installation directory
(typically '..\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data')
When you have done that you need to activate 'SPTDiverseGuardsSkyrimSE.esp'
by selecting "Mods" from the game's main menu and activating it within the
load order management tool, or by using your mod management tool of choice.

Unless explicitly instructed to, there should be no need to uninstall a
previous version and make a clean save before installing a new version. If
asked if you want to replace an existing file, say yes. However, glitches
may occur during updates - see the section below for details.

Note that it may take some time for the new guards to show up if a cell
already has a fully-spawned set of guards when you install the mod. You can
either use the "recycleactor" console command to force a new guard to be
spawned (see the glitches section below for details), or you can just leave
the cell and wait for the cell's natural in-game respawn time to elapse. Or
just go to a city you've not visited before, if there are any such in your


You should be able to delete (or just disable) the plugin, but because of
the way Skyrim works you must then reload your game from a save made before
you first installed the mod. If you do not, you will experience the glitch
described below ...


After uninstalling this mod if you load a save made while the mod was active
(which you should not be doing, you risk breaking your game) you may find naked
headless immobile corpses drifting around, apparently following guard patrol
schedules. They look kind of hilarious, but I suspect you may find them a bit
immersion-breaking. If you wish to continue with this save, even though your
game may now be broken, you can deal with them by going up to them and then
entering the console, clicking on the body with the mouse and typing "recycleactor",
then leaving the console. This should cause the body to disappear. If the guard
was a "post" guard (ie, standing at a particular location), then a new guard
will spawn in its place immediately. If the guard was patrolling, it will
probably reappear at its spawn point. It will still probably be naked, but
will have a head and be animated. It will get around to putting some clothes
on in due course, usually if you re-enter the cell after leaving it.


This mod should be fully compatible with mods that change guard outfits
because NPCs and what they wear are very decoupled in Skyrim. There may
be some compatability issues with mods which also edit existing female
guard and solder NPCs.


Bethesda Softworks, for the game and Creation Kit.

Release History

2016-11-02, 5.0 - Initial Special Edition release.
2016-11-07, 5.1 - Update facegen textures to have mip-maps.
2017-11-04, 5.2 - Update to correct for USSEP drift.