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Wider variety of guard NPCs, including more females.

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UPDATE 2019-10-14: Version 5.2b. Add a light plugin version.

This version has the so-called "light master" flag enabled in the plugin (even though it still has a ".esp" extension) so it will not count towards your 255 slot mod limit. However, this version must only be installed on a new playthrough. YOU WILL BREAK YOUR GAME IF YOU INSTALL IT ON AN EXISTING PLAYTHROUGH, AND I WILL NOT BE SYMPATHETIC IF YOU DO THIS (the breakage will manifest as A-posing headless naked guards floating around towns).

Also, the "More Nords" patch is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Light Plugin version - again, your game will break if you try this, this time with CTDs when starting the game or infinite load screens (I will see about getting a light plugin version of the More Nords patch done).

UPDATE 2017-11-04: Version 5.2. Carry through USSEP changes.

First, a necessary bit of boilerplate. The Nexus and are the only legitimate locations where you should find this mod. If you find it in any other location, particularly if that location has required you to pay to be able to download the mod, be aware that someone who isn't me is providing unauthorised (that is, pirated) and unsupported goods and you should avoid them. It might be nice to tell me about it too :)

This is the Special Edition version of this mod. It is also available for original Skyrim

As with Oblivion, it seems that the job of being a City Guard or Soldier is mostly only available to males (the curious exceptions being Windhelm and Riften). Furthermore, if you use a mod that opens the faces of guard helmets, you probably could not help but notice that many of the guards are the same. If you like a bit more diversity amongst those charged with keeping the peace, this mod may be for you.

What this mod does is almost double the stock of basic NPCs that the game uses when it wants to spawn a new guard or soldier. Furthermore, it makes sure that the stock of guards used for Solitude, Markarth and Whiterun (and other guards and soldiers in holds aligned with the Imperial faction) actually contain some female NPCs.

There is currently little racial diversity, and actually I don't think there ever will be more - the Oblivion version of this mod did have optional racial diversity because Cyrodiil felt a much more cosmopolitan place, whereas Skyrim definitely feels as if non-Nordic guards would be out of place (the possible exception being an Imperial or two in Solitude, perhaps).

Italian translation now available, thanks to MaximilianPs
Spanish translation also available, thanks to SephMiguel


Bethesda Softworks, for the game and Creation Kit.

Release History

2016-11-02: Initial Special Edition release.
2016-11-07: Update facegen textures to have mip-maps.
2017-11-04: Correct for USSEP drift.