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OHMYGODEMOTES! From waving, bowing and pointing to dancing, hammering and stabbing the floorboards, you can do it all!

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*taps mic* Err...check...1, 2...check check.
Prepare yourself for some freaking ROLEPLAY SON!

Skyrim Together went into a closed beta, which had me fiending for some emote goodness. Since I'd already made a mod before that did that, I decided to port it.

Then I decided "Hey, what the fudge? Let's make it better." So I made it a whole bunch better.

There are now far more available emotes, I didn't count them, and I won't, but it's a lot more.

SKSE and SkyUI are no longer strictly required. You won't gain any configuration options but you will be granted a power on first load called "Emotes", this'll fire up a snazzy little menu for you to navigate through the available nonsense with, including a handy "Stop!" button at the beginning to cancel out any sticky animations.

If you do have yourself SkyUI though, you'll find that you are able to make the Emote power go away and come back just like the old actions, which are still available should you want a way to immediately sit or hammer something or whatever it is you people do. Not only that but you'll be able to assign a hotkey with which to open your emotes menu with, foregoing any of the usual lesser powers entirely.

Back to the reason I even updated this in the first place though, multiplayer Skyrim shenanigans, emotes play without issue in every case I've tried, are visible to others whether they have the plugin or not and everything seems to synchronize properly.

Now get out there and be the wall hammering, door banging, book reading, drunk psychopath Skyrim desperately needs.

Don't be an amateur, use a mod manager!


No reason anything would conflict with this.

Sources for scripts are included if you wanna gaze at how bad my coding is.