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This is a patch for AddItemMenu which makes the mod work as an ESL-flagged ESP.

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This mod is a patch for AddItemMenu, making it work as an ESL-flagged ESP. 

Table of content:
  1. Installation
  2. Uninstallation
  3. Explanation

1. Installation:
1. Download and install AddItemMenu with your favorite mod manager. 
2. Download and install the patch, select yes when asked to overwrite.

With NMM:
1. Uninstall the mod.
2. Reinstall AddItemMenu, overwrite when asked to.

3. Explanation
What the mod does is very simple. When compacting formIDs in SSEEdit, you'll get a log of all the formIDs being changed. Saving the log allows you to then check in the source code files for which IDs are now changed, and you'll want to redirect those to the new FormID. There are only two papyrus functions, from my knowledge, that cause issue when compacted. AddItemMenu uses one of them, which is Game.GetFormFromFile. 

menuBase = (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x3319, "AddItemMenuSE.esp") as UIMenuBase)

is our original code. Note the 0x**** formID, you'll need it. Now do a search (CTRL-S)  in your formID compression log. You'll find this line:
[00:00] Changing FormID [01003319] in file "AddItemMenuSE.esp" to [01000802]
Now we know that this line must be rewritten as
menuBase = (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0802, "AddItemMenuSE.esp") as UIMenuBase)

I have included the source code in the downloadable files if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me if still in doubt.

4. Permissions