Skyrim Special Edition

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The College of Winterhold is expanding! Visit 6 new custom Halls and learn forgotten spells from past eras. Access trainers, vendors, crafting facilities and more. Discover the lore behind the new locations, meet the characters and learn about their research in the arcane arts.

Now Released: Citizen Mage!

Permissions and credits
**I'm only an amateur modder who is too ambitious, and sometimes I bite more than I can chew.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

*Special Edition (Including an ALL DLC requirements) is still available in older files, but no longer supported.

ADDING separate files for Voice files and Facemesh, hopefully helping people fix that damn packaging issue once and for all (in a terrible workaround). Sorry that I suck at packaging mods, and hopefully that helps. Instructions in files details.

With this MOD, joining the College grants you access to their newly opened Guild Halls in various Holds, with more trainers, merchants, spells and training facilities. Read about the creation of each Halls and learn about the research that led to the discovery of new spells. 


- 6 new custom Guild Halls for the College of Winterhold, following their Holds lore. Each has its own specialized school of magic. 
- New lore-friendly spells spread across 5 schools, tested and working.
- Must be a member of the College for access to beds and supplies, anyone can visit. Thieves are NOT welcome... 
- Citizen Mage plugin available, to add in wandering mages near the colleges. In optional files.

New travelling Mages roam the roads of Skyrim, out on College business. Studying, working on deliveries for the new Guild Hall, visiting merchants and relaxing at taverns. While they're busy on College Duty and won't have much to say to you, they will assist any College member should danger arise... And danger is on its way...  *Not recommended for play without ICMF.

Citizen Mages adds a dozen of NPCs in guild halls and patrolling on the roads.

The new spells, coming back from the 2nd and 3rd era, for each school added:

- Conjure Bear (Conjuration)
- Conjure Sabrecat
- Conjure Spriggan (Conjuration)
- Conjure Skeletal Mage (Conjuration)
- Cure Disease (Restoration)
- Ice Volley (Destruction)
- Fade Other (Illusion)
- Night Eye (Illusion)
- Eyes of Eventide (Illusion)
- Charm (Illusion)
- Buoyancy (Alteration)
- Feather (Alteration)
- Pack Mule (Alteration)
- New spell: Artic Blast (Restoration)

All spells have been tested and work as intended.

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- Adding the True Nords Faction as an optionable "DLC" to the mod: a Faction of Nord enemies to the College, with an unmarked quest to deal with their leader. (Looking for partnership to get this and quests done right, without bugs or issues.)


Update Released on May 10th (3.5.6) - REQUIRES AE (for both ICMF and Citizen Mage)

- Added Joelle the bard in Hall of Whiterun
- Maximus is also now a bard for his Hall in Riften
- Added a staff enchanter in Solitude, and modified Aldara's trading options adequately
- Improved navmesh in Whiterun for the mages to no longer burn themselves in the "training traps"
- More notes and research journals
- Updated some outfits and spells used by the wandering mages, requires AE just as ICMF
- Included another travelling mage.
- Hot fix: Egil now has some modesty and finally agreed to wear his armor, pants included.

Update Released on May 6th (3.5.5) - REQUIRES AE

- Added functional fish tanks in the Halls of Falkreath and Riften. (Adding fishes while not a college member is "theft", weirdly...)
- Friendly mudcrab in Hall of Falkreath.
- Changed some armors to improve variety with the help of the content added by AE (Alternative armors, orcish, silver, mage robes, etc.)
- Added some rare curios ingredients in the Halls
- Friendly dog in the Hall of Windhelm
- Some more clutter / design in various halls
- Improved training options used by resident mages, so that more appropriate spells are used on training dummies (no physic wreaking AOEs)

Update Released on June 6th (3.5.4)

- Added small unmarked "quests" that can be completed in all Halls but Riften's. The quest can be found / figured out thru journals or diaries, and come with their reasoning according to the Halls specialization.
- The Alchemical Compendium (for Falkreath) comprises ALL the Reagents in Skyrim (DLC included), the ones from CC Rare Curios, and some from Oblivion with their modifiers, for lore reason (and potential presence in the Beyond Series).
- Row boat at Hall of Solitude will now allow you to cross the water without the need for a swim.
- Adjusted the values of the Feather and Pack Mule spells for balance / QoL.
- Added a fire pit atop of Windhelm's Hall, and some cosmetic items in the Hall itself.

Update Released on May 4th (3.5.3 and DLC 1):

- Bug fix and repackaged archive with Lip, Wav and Fuz.
- Optional File Release: Citizen Mage! 

Update to SSE V2.0 (Dec. 31, 2016):

- Fast-White-Clouds now has extended dialog. The quest he gave is no longer in your quest log. It's simply a hint to the quest locations, up to you to go and visit, and if need be, clear the trouble.
- Aranthil now has more conversation options, including clues about the schools location or their specifications, on occasion.

Update to SSE version 3.0 

3.4: Added a traveling mage between Falkreath and Whiterun's school. New beverage vendor outside of Whiterun's school. Added the voicefiles for character dialogue.

3.3: Cleaned out the textures from other mods, exported the files from a clean install of Skyrim, purified the download files.

3.2: Yet another attempt at exporting the Facegen and fix the brownface bug. Also added: journals! We have 2 entries of journals by 2 of the new schools' leader, detailing how they created their new spells, and how the school came to be.