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Tiny mod that changes the position of the 3rd person camera while riding a horse.

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I've always disliked the default position of the camera while riding a horse, it's too far away and centred for my liking so I changed it, it's now much closer and slightly offset to the right, think over the shoulder. The camera for mounted combat has been left alone.


Someone: Is this compatible with X?

Me: Should be compatible with anything that doesn't directly edit the horse race record, at the moment the only mods I know of that do are Race Based Attack Commitment and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. It's trivial to patch with SSEEdit. It is compatible with Convenient Horses and the Wild Horses Creation. A version compatible with Immersive Horses is also available however it's a normal .esp not an .esl as it needs to be loaded after the Immersive Horses .esp

Someone: Will you backport this to Oldrim?

Me: Nope but feel free to do it yourself, this mod is just a couple of value edits to a single record.

Someone: I hate the change!

Me: That's not a question, please change it to your liking if you want, again it couldn't be easier with SSEEdit, this is just how I like it myself.


Install manually or using a mod manager, being a single record change I made it an esl so it won't count towards your plugin limit.