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Automatically recharges the currently equipped enchanted weapon or that of up to five followers. Port of the original mod by techprince.

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This mod allows the player and up to five followers to automatically recharge equipped enchanted weapons in or out of combat.

  • Automatically recharges empty weapons (or a configured amount) when they are equipped and when they are being used.
  • Overcharges the weapon utilizing the complete soul available.
  • Gives the same Enchanting skill experience that you would normally receive in vanilla.
  • The MCM menu allows you to register followers, configure the recharge threshold, and the grade of soul gems that can be used.

  • You need soul gems in your inventory.
  • One gem will be used at a time.
  • Soul gems are used smallest to largest, so: Petty > Lesser > Common > Greater > Grand > Black.
  • Soul gems with mismatched souls are not supported (ex. Petty soul in a Common gem), so something like Acquistive Soul Gems Multithreaded is highly recommended.
  • The Black Star and Azura's Star are not supported.
  • If the mod doesn't register your followers right away, try a different a location.

  • Users report follower mods such as EFF and AFT are compatible. I personally used Nether's without issue.
  • Mixed reports on mod-added followers such as Inigo, so I would assume it's a case-by-case basis.

This is a port of Auto Recharge Weapons by techprince. I am not the original author and can't really provide support, but I have tested the mod and everything is working as intended. I will leave the Comments section open regardless for questions, discussion, and feedback. The mod has been re-saved in the CK to Form 44.