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This mod adds glowing "mystical" signs and road signs to Skyrim.
Perfect for those that use darker nights mods or for those who just want to brighten things up a little, like me.

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This mod adds mystically illuminated glowing signs and roadsigns to Skyrim. Perfect for those that use darker nights mods or for those who just want to brighten things up a little. It also features glowing signs for all Inns, General Goods, Alchemy Shops, Meaderies, etc. Basically any shop that has a hanging sign glows now.

This can be considered 'lore-friendly' as Skyrim is a land of alchemical advancements and I am sure they could come up with glow paint or a powder that adds glow. Either way, this can be considered 'not lore-friendly' for quite obvious reasons.


- If using Signs of Skyrim version from the installer, then make sure to have Signs of Skyrim SE installed and allow this to overwrite.

Signs of Skyrim SE


I first started this mod in late January and the idea originally came about during my first playthrough when i didn't discover the Riverwood Trader until i was about 20 hours into the game, i also later found the alchemy shop in Markarth at about the 200 hours mark when i was wrapping up the game and had been to Markarth 100 times before... ugh. Then there was the issue of the road signs, sure there are high-res super nice looking ones out there but there was still one problem. I couldn't read them when i was trotting by unless i was right on top of the sign. Mix in some darker night mods and you have a recipe for not being able to see much of anything. Needless to say i thought something needed to change and i got the "bright" idea to make the signs glow so i couldn't possibly miss them. I finished this up and thought people would probably also enjoy it as much as i did. So i decided, why not share? Enjoy.


- All textures in the mod updated to 2K resolution.
- All glow maps udated to 2K resolution.
- All normal maps updated to 2K resolution.
- Meshes optimized for Skyrim SE.


- Install or Uninstall using a mod manager


I believe i finally figured out the values in the enbseries.ini that affect the glowing of signs.

See below for my current settings...

The value most specific to the glows that i got results with were IntensityDay and IntensityNight. If you use the settings i listed below you most likely won't need to use "Mystical Illumination - Glowing Signs for ENB". The only drawback i can see is that windows at night won't glow super bright, They'll just glow like normal windows, Not a biggy for me but just be warned that your nighttime window glowing will be affected too. So, tinker with the NIGHT settings below to achieve the sign brightness you want.



- This should be compatible with any road sign retextures that keep the same
lettering sizes and proportions as vanilla. That means the lettering in
the retexture have to line up exactly to vanilla. Otherwise you will
have a ghosting effect.

Please be aware that there are a few normal/non-glow-map textures in MIGS that can be overwritten by other mods.

- Any mod that overwrites the exact same meshed will obviously conflict.


Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM

Installation instructions:
1. Install SMIM
2. Install MIGS
3. Allow MIGS to overwrite the SMIM meshes.