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A retexturing of High Hrothgar. There are 4 versions. A standard version with 4k diffuse and 2k normals, 4k diffuse and 4k normals and a dark version with 4k diffuse and 2k normals, 4k diffuse and 4k normals.
This mod fixes a ton of texture layout issues within the meshes too.

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What the mod does:

The mod is a retexturing of High Hrothgar. A lot of the textures are an extremely enhanced version of the Vanilla ones (like I did it with my Nordic Ruins).
But many textures are created from scratch too.
I focused at Vanilla to work around possible UV issues. But High Hrothgar has a lot of UV issues in the Vanilla state.
So I decided to fix the most annyoing ones. But there are still a lot.

Issues/ Limitations:

  • There are several lighting issues on the windows which I couldn't fix. I've seen this issues in Vanilla, with several lighting mods and with other texture packs too.
  • There are still some UV issues. I fixed a ton of UV issues. But especially the issues on the floors are almost impossible to fix. Because the floors are several unique meshes and it is pretty hard  to get the fitting.


I got a report that it doesn't seem to cause issues replacing the meshes from ELFX.