1. RandemX
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    I love this mod but I seem to have a problem. I'm using both it and Artesiastp's mod Circlets or Masks with all Robes and Hoods.

    Sometimes I can get it to work but when I exit and load into my game it only allows one at a time and I can't seem to figure out how to get them both working problem free all the time.

    If anyone has advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. blitzen
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    Wrye Bash is reporting that the plugin version is old, which implies that this was never properly ported to SSE and is still using form 43.
  3. hamletsdead
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    FYI all of the options can be turned into ESLs by just flipping the flag in xEdit. No compression of formids required. Great mod, hate those STUUUUUPID merchant hats. Don't understand why Bethesda wasn't smart enough to figure out how we could have hats and hair at the same time without requiring a bloody wig. The Witcher coders figured it out, but Beth . . . was too lazy.
  4. KaylaKaze
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    This would be much better if it didn't take up 6 mod slots.
  5. ValtyrBrutalious
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    Excellent mod. I created patches for Weapons Armour Clothing & Clutter Fixes for the modules I used.
  6. pendragg0n
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    Can you make it so the helmets on the display mannaquin's do show up?
    We have our nice pretty suits of armor hanging there but not the helmets
    It looks like we just couldn't afford the full set.

    Just plain looks awful.
    I like this mod because the helmet messes up my pretty hair... Oh, and I can see the lovely faces of My Lady followers.
  7. dangguldur
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    Is there a way that I only hide my Player's headgear and not NPCs' headgear?
    1. Zennethe
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      HideHelmet for SKSE does that and has a keybinding. Mind you, SKSE64 is in ALPHA so beware there may be bugs.
    2. PleaseWorkMod
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      Sorry for replying almost one year later to this. I think you re talking about the Toogle Helmet mod on Nexus. It removes the stats of helmets while being hidden (even though it's still equipped). This could be a bug tho, cause sometimes it doesn't remove the stats. The mod on this page keeps the stats.
  8. dovaya
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    Hey! First of all: nice mod!
    I encountered some small bugs though (in the "DsHG - Helmets.esp" file);
    -The Ebony Helmet is missing the model.
    -The Elven Light Helmet is missing the model.
    It's easy to fix in SSEEdit; just add a new reference to the helmet replacer model that all the other helmets are using :)

    Also, just a heads-up: there are several bugs that are actually fixed by the Unofficial Patch and get reintroduced by this mod. Creating a patch is therefore a good idea.
    Have a nice day!
  9. JLSigman
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    Could we get a version that's not wrapped in NMM? I use LOOT. Thanks!
    1. Brandon007
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      Are you serious? Loot only organizes load orders........
    2. Minakie
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      I use both NMM and LOOT and they do different things. NMM is a mod manager that you should use to download and install/uninstall your mods. LOOT simply lets you reorganize the load order of the mods you installed via NMM. NMM can be used as a standalone, but LOOT is not meant to be used on its own.
    3. Julliette
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      you can change your load order without LOOT by using NMM. LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool) is a convenient and effective way of establishing the best load order when your running lots of mods.
    4. beewyka819
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      Use Mod Organizer 2, instant life improvement
    5. PleaseWorkMod
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      It really is @beewyka
      There's almost nothing you can mess up when using MO since the original game files are never getting overwritten no matter what mod you are using (except for a few mods like ENB).
    6. shelkon12
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      vortex is even better again i think
  10. fishgirl
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    This mod for some reason is not hiding the hoods from Opulent Outfits mod.

    Any suggestions?
    1. falloutguy93
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      Yes read the Description page again.

      This mod was made for vanilla armors, that means it will not work with custom
      armor mods and will obviously not work if used alongside another 'No Helmet' mod
    2. fishgirl
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      D: I must have missed that. What's weird is it works with some hoods, but not all of them.
      And no need to be condescending. I've been fighting with my skyrim for the past week trying to work out all the kinks and have read posts, readmes, and descriptions till my eyes crossed.
      I do appreciate the answer, but the "obviously" comment was unnecessary. :)
      Have a good day.
    3. sirjesto
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      The opulent mod edits existing vanilla items as well as adding it's own.
      It will work for the vanilla items Opulent has edited but not it's own unique items.