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Some good people wanted to see their character made to life.
Well Here is their Bestial presences in action.Introducing the Sharkmer race.
Body Types available :Vanilla,CBBE,UNP

Permissions and credits
Some good people wanted to see their character made to life.Well Here is their Bestial presences in action.Introducing the Sharkmer race SE.

---For the Vanilla, UNP, and CBBE based on what type you have loaded on your system an not actually the mod. The 'Followers' plugin adds two followers to the Bannered Mare---The 'Default Skeletons' plugin reverts all racial features to use Skyrim's
default skeletons (or whatever you have installed).

Description:This mod adds a custom race with fully animated head parts. A follower plugin
is included. You'll find two of them in the Bannered Mare.

Please keep in mind that using it will disable hair/helmet fitting and ear
lagbones.Vampirism is supported, though becoming a vampire will turn
your character's skin grey.
A default skintone has to be selected for Skyrim's vampirism morphs to work, so I picked grey
---Needed for a jump height fix included in this mod

---Fixes a Dark Brotherhood Quest for custom races

Mfg Console
---Fixes player blinking

Notes for Character creation:---Face tint sliders available: lips, cheeks, nose, eyeliner, and eyelids
---Brow type slider will add and remove earrings
---Eye Shape slider will switch between round and vertical slit pupils
---Chin sliders will control the ears
Special interest
:By Blaze69
Shark Race  (UNP/CBBE/SOS) Requires Translation to SSE.
The translation required XP32 Maximum Skeleton. It was just not available at the time. Sorry.

After installing please run
Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE


Dawnguard incompatible + Sorry
Issues: Considering this is a Non-dialog based character. NPCs will not be able to saw what race you are
So in some quest that require race related identification like DAWNGUARD you will be stuck with NPCs
Claiming you are not one of them an telling you to fix it. Example The vampires side of the game.

Load Order:
Shark Race.esp (Required)
Shark Race - Followers.esp (Optional)
Shark Race - Default Skeletons.esp (Optional, should only be used if needed)

Credits:Head and tail meshes have been modified from originals created/provided by
thesholintiger and Force2013Feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet
Other meshes/textures - Bethesda

Followers names are  Jaws and Dentina, voice, male and female orc voices.


Shark Race - Female Feet Replacer has been added as an Option.