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  1. TelShadow
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    Thank you.
  2. JONA
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    Further to Afouse's comment lower down, this mod is slightly broken. The add to inventory script doesn't work. 2 suggestions- 1/ add it in into a world space in the construction set, I put it near Dragonreach myself. You do get the mesh missing marker but it shows up fine in game. 2/ console it in; player.additem XX(load order place) aaaMRbohARM 1. Or if we are lucky Tod or one of his demonic minions will be reading this and he will sell us a fix for £20... ;)
  3. truthowl
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    I love this MOD. I've always preferred to play Skyrim with something like this. I hates having to keep exiting a duneon, or similar, just to go sell/store my loot. Thank you for porting this over.

    Request: In an old version of another 'Bag of Holding' the dev made a menu that allowed us to quickly transfer all items to the bag. Would you conder adding such a feature to this? Maybe with just 2 buttons. 1) Add Non-Favorited 2) Add Everything.

    Again, thank you for this.
  4. afouse
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    I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious, but the mod description said it would be added to the inventory automatically and I can't seem to find it. Is it that once it was made craftable it's no longer in the inventory from the start? I had read that to mean that you could either start with it OR craft it after 2.0.
    1. spileser
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      Hope you can help, I am having the same problem as (did?) that I can't see anything re the BOH in my inventory, nor does it show up on any of the workbenches/tables. Must be overlooking something basic. As far as I can tell the Mod loaded correctly. I have originally played Skriym thru and relied heavily on a BoH then.Jout thought I give it another go with the Special Edition and started a couple of weeks ago. But - I don't want to go on without something like the Bag, becomes too cumbersome for my taste. So, hope you se this note and can help. Thnks
  5. lunadonsucker
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    Thank you creating BoH for SSE.
    I used to use BoH with TES4 then Use TES5 version BoH.
    And crafting new type BoH is good idea.
  6. phillipWireland
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    First, and most importantly; thank you for porting this over.

    Q; is there a way to change the bag via command?

    as it is not a "bag" of holding anymore, it's now a "satchel" of holding.
    I know Vidani meant well, but in the act of doing something very cool (making this mod), he fixed something that wasn't broken, by "changing bag to something more appropriate".

    I would like to change it back to a bag if I could. Just not sure how.

    and thanks, again for importing mod, it is still a great mod (satchel and all .


    1. WanderingIvie
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      Not entirely sure what you're asking, but if it's just a question of what it's called, you can use jaxonz renamer to change it to "Satchel of Holding" or whatever you like.
  7. WanderingIvie
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    1: Thank you so much for converting this for SSE!

    2. Is there a reason this is tagged as a translation? Because it isn't, the original version of this mod was in English, and I almost missed it because I have my search settings set to filter out translations.
  8. Gorrwarrior2017
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    Are you going to make the BoH activate within the inventory?? That is how the oldrim one was? Just curious...awesome addition Nevermind it does this mod!!
  9. TheONLYPantha
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    Gerken, I love this mod. I use it allthe timeon Legendary edition. I edited the mod though,because a black soul gem was too far to go. I usually need it manymany levels before I am tough enough to go after a black soul gem. (At least with my mods and setup anyway) so I change it to a common sould gem. You ight consider cranking it down a bit though, becaue (and I am NOT knocking this mod, I already told you I love and I use it a lot. it's one of the mods in my "Essential Skyrim Mods" group. (Means I don't play without it) But, let's face it, the unlimited weight DOES make it a cheat. I am okay with that, but, as long as we are callinga pot a pot, and a bag a bag, and a bag of holding, a bag of holding, why then must it be such a big production to get it? I think a common soul gem (filled) is plenty. (Mind you in my game, everythig is worth so little to sell and costs so muchto but, (Gotta love Skytweak) even that takes a while to purchase so I just grow them with Soul Gem Oven)
    Now I need it for Special Edition and I'llbe editing it again. (Maybe add a script that gives 3-4 different choices of what gem shouldbe used so people can adjust it for the economies intheir game. (mine is such that I get about 3-5% of the gold for something that I'd have to pay if buying it.)

    If anyone has a similar problem, you can go into the mod with TES5Edit and change the black soul gem to a common (or whatever) in 30-45 seconds.
  10. GothicNicki
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    i am using this mod but it does not add automatically upon a start and when i add it via the console the game CTDs.
    1. TheONLYPantha
      • member
      • 103 posts
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      If you read more carefully the line that said that, you'd see, "(Craftable after 2.0)" right there inside that very same sentence. That means as of version 2.0 you CRAFT it.