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overwrite original esp

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A mod port of Woodtortiose's mod Harvestable Mammoth Skulls. It allows you to harvest mammoth tusks from any mammoth skull.
Ported by Skinwalker21.

LE mod

SE port

Fixed some minor bugs and made compatible with JK's Skyrim.
take it or leave it, no support

1 the base ref ids for the 4 skull records that fill all those hundreds of skulls all over are messed up, no idea what that is maybe just on my end.
2 winterhold jarl longhouse has some strange injected ownership record from USSEP makes my game crash if i touch those jarls tusks xD.
3 it makes JK's Skyrim crash when entering Winterhold cause of that skull infront of the bridge to the college.

so i fixed all of that. - renumbered the ref ids, removed the winterhold jarls longhouse cell edit from the esp and made it JK's Skyrim compatible
i asked Skinwalker21 if i should upload it somewhere, he said go for it so here it is :)