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Overhauls the Smithing perk tree, providing a stream-lined and immersive experience and adding brand new crafting options to unlock the true power of the forge. Create devious traps, forge silver weapons, weave magical clothing, and build your own army of Dwarven automatons! Also fixes many, many bugs with weapons, armor, and clothing.

Permissions and credits
Tinker's Forge
Smithing and Crafting Overhaul

Smithing in vanilla skyrim is boring and tedious, and oftentimes buggy as well. Tinker's Forge is my personal overhaul for all things smithing and crafting, fixing many errors with vanilla weapons, amor, and clothing and adding exciting new ways to play as a master smith.

  • Stream-lines and rebalances smithing perks. The vanilla smithing tree is crap; this one is much better. :)
  • New perks that allow you to build devious traps, craft expensive goods for sale, weave magical clothing, or assemble an army of Dwarven automatons!
  • Fixes many, many bugs and balancing issues with with weapons, armor, clothing, and crafting.
  • Unlocks crafting for faction gear and other previously unattainable items in a lore-friendly way.


  • USSEP (Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch). No, it's not optional.


Perk Tree

  • Basic Smithing (0) > Can create Steel and Bonemold armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much. Fur, Hide, Leather, and Iron armor and weapons can be improved twice as much.
  • Meltdown (20) > Common types of weapons, armor, and clothing can be broken down at the smelter or tanning rack, if you have the associated crafting perk.
  • Tailor (20/40) > Common/Rare types of clothing can be crafted at the tanning rack. Joining guilds and completing quests unlocks new clothing patterns
  • Miner (25) > You collect 1-2 additional pieces of ore when mining and dig up gems more often. (Has no effect when mining by hitting ore veins with a weapon - you must choose the "Mine" activate option.)
  • Apprentice Smithing (30) > Can create Dwarven, Elven, and Chitin armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much.
  • Inventor (30) > Bear traps and caltrops can be crafted at the forge. Traps can be placed in the world by dropping them from your inventory. (Bear traps can be picked up, but have a chance to break after every use; created bear traps are more durable than rusty bear traps. Caltrops cannot be picked up.)
  • Silversmith (35) > Silver weapons can be crafted at the forge and improved twice as much. Valuable silver household goods can be crafted at the forge and sold for a hefty price.
  • Dwarven Mechanic (40/60/80) > Dwarven spiders/spheres/ballistas and centurions can be created at the forge using raw materials. Created automatons are stored in stasis cubes until activated from your inventory.
  • Jeweler (45) > Jewelry can be crafted at the forge.
  • Journeyman Smithing (50) > Can create Orcish, Nordic, Steel Plate, and Scaled armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much.
  • Fine Weave (50) > Craft quality versions of clothing at the tanning rack that can be sold for a much higher price. Enchantments placed upon quality clothing items are 20% more powerful.
  • Deadly Design (50) > Bear traps you create deal 1-2 additional points of damage per level of Smithing. Caltrops cause the target to bleed for 1 second per level of Smithing.
  • Upgrade (55/75) > Upgrades for dwarven automatons can be created at the forge. Dwarven automatons that you create can be given up to 1 upgrade. /Unlocks new upgrades at the forge. Dwarven automatons that you create can be given up to 2 upgrades.
  • Arcane Blacksmith (60) > You can improve magical weapons and armor.
  • Master Smithing (70) > Can create Glass, Ebony, and Stalhrim armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much.
  • Control Rod (85) > A Dwarven Control Rod can be crafted at the forge. The Control Rod will temporarily shut down hostile automatons when used. While wielding the control rod, your automatons can be given commands.
  • Legendary Smithing (90) > Can create Daedric and Dragon armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much.
  • Dragonblood Masterwork (100) > Dragon souls can be sacrificed at the forge. After sacrificing a dragon soul, the next item you temper will be improved an additional 3x.

Improved and Expanded Crafting

There are many types of weapons and armor that cannot be crafted or tempered in vanilla Skyrim. With Tinker's Forge, you will gain the ability to create and improve these items as you progress up the left-hand side of the perk tree. Note: some types of weapons and armor are "faction-locked", and can only be crafted if you complete certain quests.

No Perk:
Iron, Leather, Hide, Fur, Wood

Basic Smithing
Steel, Bonemold, Stormcloak, Imperial, Forsworn, Scimitar

Apprentice Smithing - (Combines "Elven Smithing" and "Dwarven Smithing")
Dwarven, Elven, Chitin, Falmer, Thieves Guild (Join the Thieves Guild), Vampire Armor (Become a vampire)

Journeyman Smithing - (Combines "Orcish Smithing" and "Advanced Armors")
Orcish, Nordic, Steel Plate, Scaled, Dark Brotherhood (Join the Dark Brotherhood), Stormcloak Officer (Join the Stormcloaks), Falmer Hardened

Master Smithing - (Combines "Glass Smithing" and "Ebony Smithing")

Glass, Ebony, Stalhrim, Falmer Heavy

Legendary Smithing - (Combines "Dragon Smithing" and "Daedric Smithing")
Daedric, Dragon

Clothing Crafting

Clothing cannot be crafted in vanilla Skyrim, only purchased or found in the world. But with Tinker's Forge, you can role-play as a tailor or seamstress and create your own clothing at the tanning rack using the Tailor perks - rank 1 unlocks common clothing and rank 2 unlocks rare clothing. Note: Some types of clothing are faction or quest-locked! (If you have the Meltdown perk, clothing can be broken down at the tanning rack into Clean Linen, which is required for all clothing crafting.)

Tailor 1 > Barkeeper, Wench, Blacksmith, Chef, Child, College (Complete "First Lessons" to unlock more than Novice), Farmer, Merchant, Miner, Monk/Mage, Vaermina, Necromancer, Mourner, Redguard, Jester (Complete "With Friends Like These..."), Shrouded Robes (Complete "With Friends Like These..."), Vampire Clothes, Moth Priest, Dunmer.

Tailor 2
> Emperor, Fine, Noble, Jarl, Archmage (Complete "The Eye of Magnus"), Mythic Dawn, Psiijic (Complete "Under Saarthal"), Greybeard (Complete "The Way of the Voice"), Thalmor, Wedding, Telvani (Traveled to Solsthiem), Temple Priest (Traveled to Solsthiem).

Dwarven Automaton Upgrades

After taking the "Upgrade" perk, you will be able to craft upgrades for your Dwarven automatons at the forge. To apply an upgrade to an automaton, simply speak to the automaton and select the option for the upgrade you wish to apply.

Upgrade types:
Hydraulics (Rank 1) > Automaton gains +30%% attack damage.
Plate Armor (Rank 1) > Automaton gains +150 points of armor.
Power Core (Rank 1) > Automaton gains 100 HP.
Electrified (Rank 2) > Automaton's attacks deal shock damage.
Force Field (Rank 2) > Automaton gains +50%% magic resist.
Generator (Rank 2) > Automaton gains health regeneration.

Weapons and Armo
r Fixes/Tweaks
  • Crossbows and bolts can now be crafted and enhanced at any forge, not just the forge at Fort Dawnguard. The basic steel crossbow can be crafted without joining the Dawnguard if you have the Basic Smithing perk.
  • Changed Cultist outfit to light armor (was a mix of light, heavy and unarmored before); the Matching Set perk will now prove a boost if wearing a complete set of Cultist armor.
  • Fur, Hide, Leather, Iron, Forsworn, Stormcloak, and Draugr items can now be improved twice as much if you have the Basic Smithing perk. (In vanilla skyrim, these items did not benefit from any perks.)
  • Falmer, Thieves Guild, Blackguard, Linwe, and Aetherial Shield items can now be improved twice as much if you have the Apprentice Smithing perk. (In vanilla skyrim, these items did not benefit from any perks.)
  • Dark Brotherhood, Nightingale, Blades, Cultist, Stormcloak Officer, Falmer Hardened, and Falmer Heavy items can be improved twice as much if you have the Journeyman Smithing perk. (In vanilla skyrim, these items did not benefit from any perks.)
  • Increased price of silver weapons; silver weapons now affect reanimated undead as well.

Clothing Fixes/Tweaks
  • Rebalanced prices and weights of most clothing items; some clothing items were renamed to better identify them. Common clothing is no longer worthless, and a noble's fur-mantled robes are now worth stealing.
  • Added missing keywords to clothing items.
  • Most hoods can now be worn with circlets.
  • Fixed monk hoods for khajiits so that they now use the correct mesh.

Additional Features

  • Using the smelter or tanning rack grants Smithing experience.
  • Bear Traps can now be picked up. Dropping a bear trap from your inventory places it at your location in the "closed" state. Bear traps can be activated to set or close the trap. Every time a bear trap is triggered, it has a chance to break, which renders it useless. Bear traps you find in the world have been renamed to "Rusty Bear Trap," and are much more likely to break when triggered than bear traps you create at the forge with the Inventor perk. 
  • Wearing warm clothing or armor (marked with the Survival Mode "warm" keyword) grants a small bonus to frost resistance. The bonus increases for every warm item worn, up to 4 pieces.
  • Increased price of silver tableware to make it worth stealing.

Q: Can I use this with another Smithing overhaul mod?
A: No. You can't have 2 mods that do the same thing at the same time. It won't work.

Q: Can I use this with Ordinator?
A: Yes. If using with Ordinator, put Tinker's Forge AFTER Ordinator in your load order; this mod NEEDS to override Ordinator to work.

Q: Can I use this mod with Perkus Maximus?
A: Yes, but only if you are NOT using the PerMa Warrior module.

Q: Where do I put this mod in my load order?
A: Put Tinker's Forge AFTER any other mods that edit smithing perks, weapons, armor, clothing, or crafting categories.To be safe, put it last in your load order.

Why should I use your smithing mod instead of some other smithing mod?
A: If the rest of the description on this page hasn't convinced you, I'm not going to convince you here. If you like the sound of Tinker's Forge, great! Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If not, I don't care.

Q: Perk X from this mod is just like perk Y from this other mod!
A: I doubt there is any perk here "just like" a perk from another mod. Yes, I was inspired by some other mods, but always in the spirit of "That looks cool, but I bet I can do it better." All work on Tinker's Forge is my own. If you prefer how mod Y did something, go use mod Y instead. (And to one particular person who may read this - you know who you are - if mods were restricted to never trying to improve on an existing idea, there would be a grand total of 3 mods on the Nexus.)

Q: Can you make a patch for my favorite mod?
A: I don't have the time to make patches for mods I don't use. If you need a patch for your favorite mod, contact the author of that mod or look into making it yourself. :)

Q: There are multiple recipes for this armor/weapon! What the heck?
A: You have another mod that is also adding a recipe for that item.

Q: I'm having issues but I don't use USSEP because-
A: Stop right there. It doesn't matter what some guy on reddit said that one time that has convinced you that USSEP is evil, but you need to use it or there are parts of this mod that just won't work right. IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES BUT DON'T HAVE USLEEP, I WILL NOT SPEND TIME TRYING TO HELP YOU UNTIL YOU INSTALL USSEP.