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Click on a poison and stack all of them on your weapon. Or just a few. Configurable with an ini file.

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When you click on a poison, after confirming that you want to poison your weapon, all of them are removed from your inventory and converted to poison hits.
  1. Click on 100 Weak Poison stack
  2. "Do you want to poison your weapon?" message pops up
  3. If you click on 'yes', all 100 Weak Poisons are removed from your inventory and you now have 100 Weak Poison hits on your weapon.

number of poisons to remove when a poison is used. By default the value is -1, which means remove all of them, stack as many poison doses as you can. Values above that will remove that number of poisons and apply that number of hits. For example, if the value is 10,  you will only remove 10 poisons at once from the inventory and apply 10 poison doses. If the value is 10 and you have 20 poisons, you will need to click on the poison twice to remove all of them. If you have less number of poisons than the number in this option, all of the poisons in your inventory will be removed and applied to your weapon. Example, this option is 10 but you have only 9 poisons. Then all of your 9 poisons will be removed from your inventory and applied to your weapon.

removeDialog: remove the dialog "Do you want to poison your weapon?" or not. Default value is 0, which means 'do not remove'. Value of 1 removes that dialogue. Highly recommended to keep this value at 0. You don't want to accidentally remove poisons from your inventory. The only case where I find removing that dialogue applicable is if you want to remove just one poison at once. You just wanted to remove that poison confirmation message and spam your poison hotkey? Okay, suit yourself.

When I think about The Witcher, poisons are essential in higher difficulties. They work based on duration. The weapon is poisoned for x minutes for example. On Skyrim, they last 1 hit. 1 HIT. And I have to click every time I want to use another 1, and I need to confirm every time as well. That makes poisons in Skyrim completely worthless in my opinion, because it's utterly impractical to use. I can't make a build around it. So I made this mod to fix that. The idea is to make a lot of poisons and use them all before going in a cave or something.

Latest SKSE

How to install
Copy the dll file to Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SKSE\Plugins

Q: Does it work with Concentrated Poison perk and the like?
A: Yes, it works with Concentrated Poison like perks, such as Bottomless Cup from Ordinator.

Q: Can you poison a weapon with a normal potion?
A: No, only with actual poisons.

Q: Does it need a dedicated hotkey?
A: No, it overwrites the vanilla behavior, meaning it works with the default key you use to poison your weapons.

Q: Can I overwrite a poison? Can I add more hits to it?
A: Yes and yes. If the poison you want to use is the same the weapon already has, the hit points is added to the current amount. If it's a different poison, then the current poison and its number of hits are overwritten.

Q: Can it show how many poisons are left?
A: I recommend installing Equipment Durability System for that. It's a skse plugin like mine and it shows the amount of poison hits on the weapon even though the mod's description doesn't mention it. Alternatively, you can actually install Poisoning Extended alongside my mod for that feature and it will work just fine.

Q: Does it work with a controller?
A: It should, but i have no controller to test it.

Q: Is compatible with mod x?
A: My mod works by changing the game's executable code in memory. As long as mod x doesn't change what I'm changing, it should be compatible. You can check the source code for more details.

Q: What about Skyrim Classic?
A: I did it for Skyrim Classic first.

C++ Mid Function Hooking Codecaving tutorial -> Wouldn't know how to make a dll out of a cheat engine hack without this.
Cheat engine-> To find the relevant addresses and code in memory to make changes
SKSE->Used to inject my code
Bethesda->Do I really need to explain?
Fudgyduff -> He provided the getCurrentPoison function.

Thank you everyone who endorse and comment my mod. It shows that my hard work is appreciated and encourages me to make it better.

You can do whatever you want with my mod. You can make it better and call it your own. In fact, I encourage you to do that.